Dslr lenses cameras photography news birds


Dslr lenses cameras photography news birds

How to make beautiful landscapes ?

landscape photography
Currently I spend some time with landscape photography, so I thought to share some of my experiences so far. Landscape photography can be quite fun. Here don’t need to rush to make a shot like in sports or wildlife photography. See the Landscape photography tips here

What test charts doesn’t tell you

Some thoughts about lens testing

Canon 28 f/2.8 is review

canon 28mm 2.8 is
This lens has a predecessor a non-is version of the Canon 28mm which is a relatively cheaper lens. The newer lens has updated optics, with low chromatic aberration which was the problem with the older lens. This lens can function as a normal prime lens on Aps-C or wider lens on Full frame cameras. The focal length is more useful on FF cameras though according to my opinion, which is in the most used zone for Full frame cameras.
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Tamron 150-600 vs Canon 400 5.6

This is not a technical comparison of these highly popular wildlife lenses just my ideas about these two lenses. You can see my reviews about both lenses at the review section. I very much interested in birds/wildlife photography and wildlife photography equipment as well. My interest started when I realized that the quality of my pictures highly depend on the quality of equipment, especially the lenses I use. I checked both lenses and read anything available about this lenses on the internet as well. I wanted to learn about other people’s opinions as well, if they see some other aspects and have different experience which I do not have. I think about these lenses a lot lately.Read more

Other photography
equipment reviews

There are other reviews
about tripods, tripod heads and other photo equipments.


Manfrotto tripods 055 xprob vs 190 xprob
Induro At 313 tripod review

Beginner photography
articles, lessons tips

At the main menu beginner photography
tips tab you can find lots of articles
about Dslr camera basics such as ISO
and aperture, focal length,
shutter speed, technique and many other things.

Bird or wildlife photography articles

At the main menu birds tab you can find
bird photography articles.
Redstart chicks

How to photograph birds ?

Tips and techniques, usual methods, equipments used, hides.
How to photograph birds?

Bird photography equipment

Camera bodies, and lenses, other accessories. Most popular birding camera bodies and lenses. What kind of equipments are used by pro photographers. Canon and Nikon equipments. Usual lenses, price of the alternatives.
Bird photography equipment

Up to date camera comparisons

Updated – Canon Full Frame comparison table
Updated Canon Aps-C camera comparison table
Updated – Nikon Full Frame comparison table
Updated – Nikon Aps-C comparison table
Sony cameras 2014 comparison table
Pentax dslr comparison table

Information about interchangeable lens cameras

See camera specifications and reviews in the Camera reviews tab in the main menu. You can find reviews of Canon and Nikon slr cameras, specifications of Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, Leica cameras. You can find specifications of Full frame, Aps-C and mirrorless cameras as well.

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