Camera upgrade


Camera upgrade

Camera upgrade

I thought perhaps someone interested about camera upgrade. I collect some of my thoughts about the theme here. I assume you have a Dslr camera like Canon Nikon or Pentax. The ideas perhaps can be applied for other cameras as well.

Camera prices

Newest cameras are the most expensive, if some time has passed the camera prices usually drops significantly. Used cameras are even cheaper. If someone live from photography, doesn’t really have the best chance to have cheap equipment, because of clients and quality. Amateur can have a much better chance to buy good equipment cheaply. On the other hand quality lenses keep their value much better. The same good lens becomes more and more expensive as the time passes.

Reasons of camera upgrade

1. We are not satisfied what we have now.
2. We want to earn money and wants to a be a professional photographer.
3. We simply want to have a better camera.
4. We want some functions in the camera we don’t have.

Reasons of camera upgrade if we want the best value

What does this question really mean? It means that we don’t want to spend lots of money, but wants to have the best value for our money. The following criterias helps in this:

List of ideas if we want the best value

– upgrade for cameras with new, BETTER sensor, easiest to check at Dxomark for example if the new sensor is really better or not than the previous one
– upgrade for cameras with significantly better functions
– we look for the best deals – if we always want to have the newest cameras we cannot really have the best deals
– a good example to upgrade from Canon 650d to Canon 70d for example. We got significantly better functions, better image quality, new sensor, new technologies. Upgrade from Canon 650d to Canon 700d isn’t really give an additional value.

Entry level Dslr or other cameras

If I think on an absolute scale of cameras all cameras included, entry level Dslr cameras has perhaps the best value. Now you can have an entry level Dslr camera for a price of a compact camera. The picture quality is much better, you can have different lenses in the future, you have an optical viewfinder which is much better than the LCD of the compact or MILC cameras.

If you already have a Dslr camera a while and better and better in photography knowledge and technique perhaps not the entry level dslr camera you looking for. When I started Dslr camera photography I bought a mid-range Dslr camera immediately, such as Canon 20D,30d,7d etc or Nikons d7xxx or Pentax K-3, K-5 series. Is this cameras better than entry level models? Definitely. Entry level cameras are made from mid-range cameras cropped functions out in order to scare away more advanced photographers. Entry level cameras can have better image quality, but missing many important functions which the mid-range cameras have.

Full frame dslr cameras

Full frame cameras has the best picture quality(apart from middle format), and this type of cameras that manufacturers wants to sell better other cameras because of their higher price. Are the Full frame cameras are better? Yes, especially in low light and for landscapes. But if you a bird/wildlife photographer and wants the Full frame you can prepare your budget for longer more expensive lenses. Your 400mm is different now it more looks a 250mm on a crop sensored camera, which according to me perfectly unappropriate for birds/wildlife except in a hide. To have the same perspective you need an approximately 600mm lens. For good quality wedding photography or events, or portraits inside I think FF cameras is a must, not an option.

A note about used Dslr cameras

The best deals are the used cameras. Sometimes heavily used cameras are even better deals, but be aware used dslr cameras can have shutter problems. If you experienced you can hear that the camera shutter sound is different on heavily used models. If the camera makes black frames, when lens cap is removed it is a sign tha the shutter perhaps needs replacements soon. The replacement is usually not cheap, but if we calculate with it, we can have very good bargains. I don’t recommend this for beginners though. If you not experienced perhaps good to ask someone experienced whom you trust to help if you want to buy used dslr camera. Buy from trusted sellers with an option to send back the product, if you buy online.

Best value cameras today

The following cameras has very good value today:
Canon 7d, Canon 6d, Canon 600d, 650d, Canon 5d Mk II
Nikon d700 used, Nikon d7000, Nikon d5100
Nikon d3200, Nikon d3100
Pentax K-5, Pentax K-30

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