Canon 180mm Macro is


Canon 180mm Macro is

canon 180mm macro is
The picture is made with Canon 200 f2.8L with converters

Canon 180mm Macro is
The guessed official name

Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 Macro USM L is (image stabilizer)


Canon Full frame or Aps-C cameras.


Good news for hard-line Canon macro shooters that seem a new Canon 180mm macro is lens is coming. Today perhaps only a patent but it will be a lens in a near future I guess. The 180mm macro is usually the top of the line product, it comes for a time that Canon will make a better top of the line macro lens instead of the good old 180mm f/3.5. The image stabilization is usually not very effective in macro range, but helps significantly in general low light photography. The 180mm is a little long on Aps-C cameras for portraits, but useful on Full frame camera bodies.

Canon 180mm macro is availability

The availability of the new Canon 180mm macro is not yet known. Perhaps some time needed for the fabrication.


Focal length: 180mm
Max Aperture: f/3.5
Magnification: 1:1
Weight: app 1kg

Canon 180 mm f/3.5mm Macro is price

My guess that the new 180mm lens won’t be a cheap product.

Similar products

Sigma and Tamron also has 180mm macro lenses, Sigma also has it with stabilizer and bright f/2.8 maximum aperture. All this lenses are very good lenses. Nikon has a 200mm f/4 macro lens.

Advantage of the Canon 180 mm f/3.5mm is over the others

The Canon version’s advantage it will be top notch optically I guess and will be compatible with Canon converters, the question is with which ones? Newer lenses are usually compatible with Canon’s Mk III converters, older lenses with Mk II converters.

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