Canon 1D X II release date specs price


Canon 1D X II release date specs price

Canon 1D X II
The picture shows the Canon 1D X camera

Introduction – Canon 1D X II release date specs price

Here we collect rumors for the new Canon 1D X II camera.

According to latest rumors the camera will have a wide dynamic range predictably based on the Dual pixel technology. Magic lantern managed to get 3 extra stops from the Canon 6d camera, using the dual pixel system by using different iso settings. Nikon cameras was better in terms of dynamic range as the best models manage to get 14.6 stops while the best Canon, the Canon 6d stops at 12.1 EV. The new Canon 1Dx II rumored to be the camera with the widest dynamic range camera ever. The wider dynamic range if very useful at landscapes and many other applications.

It is not evident which camera can come up next, the Canon 5d Mk 4 or the Canon 6d Mk II or the Canon 1D X II. I personally think for Canon the 1dx II is the most important, as this is the flagship model aimed for the top photographers.

Which camera brings more profit is hard to know because it is depend on the quantity sold, how good (cheap) is manufacturing process and perhaps lots of other factors as well.

The Canon 1D X II has not been announced yet, but perhaps can come soon. The rumors talks about Canon will release two high end cameras in the near future.

So there is a good chance that the Canon 1D X II can come in 2015.

Canon 1D X II specs speculation

The original version has a 18 Megapixel full frame CMOS sensor without dual pixel technology. The new version II will have more megapixels I guess. The rumors speak about 28 megapixel which I feel little too much for a spectacular High iso performance which is a trademark of the flagship camera.

Pixel size

If the camera will a 28 Megapixel sensor it mean the highest resolution is 6480 x 4320 pixel. This is plenty of resolution which can give a good run for the best lenses as well.

Autofocus system

It is very interesting that now the Canon 7d MK II has the af system of the original Canon 1DX, what kind of af system will be in the new Canon 1D X II ? I guess the af system will be improved, perhaps with Hybrid system as well.

Movie mode

I guess the 4K video stored for the Cinema Eos cameras and the new 1″ sensor Canon XC 10 camcorder. Even the dual pixel focusing is not sure in this camera, as perhaps the Canon 1D C II will have it. At least HD video expected here with a high frame rate. It would be nice to have 120 fps or something like this for action shooters like Bence Mate.

Frame rate

What would be even more cool is a 100 frames per second for stills photography to catch action in the nature.

LCD screen

Such cameras usually has a fixed LCD according to reasoning to harsh environment or heavy abuse, so tilting LCD is not very likely in this camera.

The resolution of the screen is the expected usual 1040k dots standard in almost all today’s Canon Dslr cameras.

New functions

I don’t that the typical users of the Canon 1Dx will interested about an electronic compass in the camera, like the one in the Canon 7d II, but I guess certainly interested in the new Dual pixel af system which can be used to gain some extra dynamic range, and for autofocusing in video mode, I think.

And the compass sucking the power from the battery which is also not preferred I think.

Better af system is perhaps not a top priority, but certainly the higher picture quality, more resolution, better high iso performance, more dynamic range faster shooting, is the key elements to look for.

Canon 1D X II specs (older)

It is the interesting part, will the new Canon 1D X II has the new Dual-pixel autofocus system or it will be stored for the new Canon 1D C II?

Canon 1d line is usually concentrate high speed shooting and exception high ISO – low light performance together with excellent build quality. Magnesium alloy body with two grips.

Usually flipout screen is omitted from these models, in order to avoid any risk of the camera can be damaged.

For the best low light – high ISO performance the current model has a 18 Megapixel Full frame sensor, which is perhaps remain the same regarding resolution, but will be improved in terms of high ISO performance.

If the new rumored multilayer sensor appears there is a chance that it will appeared in the new Canon 1Dx Mark II.

It is interesting to think about new functions what Canon can come up with?
Distortion correction, CA correction are now present the Canon 7d Mk II.

The new 65 all cross type autofocus system of the 7d Mark II or even an upgraded better autofocus version is can be expected in the new Canon 1D X II.

Wifi and NFC now is a standard even in compact cameras, so it is pretty much certain to be in the new 1D X II.

Canon 1D X II release date

There is no information about the new Canon 1D X II release date yet, but it can be even released in 2015.

Canon 1D X II release date specs price

There is no information about the price yet. The Canon 1D X price is 6000 US dollars, I guess the new Canon 1D X will be at least 8000 US Dollar, but don’t take it seriously can be much more expensive or cheaper as well :).

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