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Online photo editor programs

In Online photo editor programs market the competition is fierce. There is a huge development going on, years by years. Most of the online photo editors are free, but there are paid versions as well, or some services are free, for others must pay. The paid version usually go for a monthly fee.

At some of the places registration is needed.

Under process.


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Lunapic is an application unlike many others which don’t depend on flash or Java. The arrangement of different options is quite logical, like file, edit, adjust, draw, borders, filters, effects, animation, help. In each section there are huge number of options to choose from. After uploading Lunapic offers resize, crop, and scale options at the top of the screen. Lunapic doesn’t have histogram or curves, which is common in more serious desktop applications. On the other hand cropping is possible in many shapes like rectangle, circle, ellipse as well. Color can be adjusted by channels red, green and blue and brightness as well.

There is a red eye reduction and auto brightness in the program, and we can choose from many border options as well.

In the filters we can have many option to choose from like black and white, retro colors, sepia tone, negative and many others.

There are many basic animations for the pictures as well.


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This program makes interesting Tilt-shift like images.
Download is free up to 2000 pixel size.

The very popular Adobe photoshop and Ligthroom online. This is a professional program, 10 USD/Month in the US, 12.69 EUR in the EU. Signup is required. Obviously it will not be free online, otherwise who would buy it normally ?

Be Funky

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Befunky has two parts: photo editor and collage maker. Apart from the free version there is a paid version as well, which costs 4.95 USD/Month gives more options and no ads. Befunky has a web and a mobile version as well.

To start we can upload images from several sources like desktop computer, befunky, facebook, google drive, webcam or dropbox. We must choose between photo editor and collage maker first. For editing there is a magnifying option at the bottom right corner of the screen, which is useful, with grids at the thirds of the frame, which is often referred in photography. The functions can be found at the left, for each function there is a slider to adjust the preferred amount. The user experience on the desktop is quite good. The program is very easy to use and a results are pleasing.

The blur edges function is quite interesting. Make a bokeh out of the outer parts of the image, without messing with any gradient tools.

In Exposure we can fill light, can add highlights or shadows as well.

Sharpening and softening is also possible, and even at max the output is pleasing.







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Picjoke is interesting because it has many translations to choose from, after we can continue editing in the chosen language. Otherwise it is not really an editor with many functions, here we can select one of the presets and can upload our photo to do the preset. There are thousands of presets here. Obviously it is not for photo enthusiasts but more for wifes to quickly do something in two minutes between two other activities. Between the different presets there are pictures of actors and actresses as well sometimes.





Signup is needed.