Nikon d7300 release date review specification


Nikon d7300 release date review specification

Nikon d7300 release date review specification
If the Trend is continuing smaller refinements at much higher price is expected. Would be nice to have some new, ground-breaking feature or a simple flip-out LCD screen.

There is no news about the Nikon d7300 yet, but there is plenty of time ahead.

Nikon d7200 release

Nikon released the new Nikon D7200 and it is even better than the already excellent Nikon d7100 camera, but the price of the new camera is also higher. Compare to the predecessor small refinements made not so much huge difference. The high ISO and dynamic range is better according to DXOmark.

The new Nikon d7300 has not announced yet. Nowadays everybody waiting for the new Nikon d7200 to be released. It is interesting if Nikon stops at the 24 megapixel sensor, as essentially all Nikon Dx cameras nowadays was released with this unit.


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It would be interesting if Nikon will throw a lesser pixel rate sensor with better low light availability, or which is not very likely an even more dense sensor with 30 megapixels. But this is not very likely. Probably Nikon will use the 24 Megapixel unit with improved performance.

The new Nikon d5500 camera got a vari-angle touch-screen interface, perhaps the new Nikon d7300 also will have that.

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Nikon d7300 release date review specification
shadow detail is exceptional of the Nikon d7100

shadow detail is exceptional of the Nikon d7100 ISO 3200


It is interesting to think about the future of Nikon’s Aps-C sized cameras. The Nikon d7300 is not released yet, but the current model (Nikon d7100) is seems already a very good one. The pixel count (24 Mpix) I think is already on the top value if we think about diffraction limit, and file size. The cameras dynamic range is also a very good one compare to the earlier models.

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Seems Canon the eternal rival is a little bit behind Nikon with the Aps-C sensor quality. Other manufacturers has much smaller lens line-up hard to really compete with Canon and Nikon. Although Olympus and Fuji makes interesting new sensors, can beat even Canon in some ways, they are not at the same level, if we speak about the Camera system as a whole.

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Nikon d7300 specifications

Sensor resolution: 24 Mpixel – this is already a very huge pixel count, but who knows? Can be even bigger 30 pixel or more, if technology allows, the new Toshiba sensor has very low noise. Can be even less if the goal is to have better low light quality 16 Mpix for example, still enough for almost every possible applications.

Camera size: as before, but perhaps different button arrangement, I would put iso button next to shutter release button. The most likely is to keep the existing 24Mp unit, perhaps with improved performance.

Buffer size: This question which is an interest for many people, after the Nikon d300/d300s camera the buffer become much less, than before. Everybody interested about the possible new Nikon d400 camera even on this website has a huge interest for it, but seems Nikon calls the d7100 a “flagship Aps-C” camera, seems no Nikon d400 is planned at the moment, but who knows? If the Nikon d7300 have the bigger buffer size perhaps would be a good solution for many wildlife/sports photographers.

Nikon d7300 video mode

Canon has use it’s dual pixel autofocusing system for video recording it is interesting whether Nikon have will have some solution for fluent and precise video auto focusing in it’s Dsrls. The 4K video recording (4 HD size (1920*1080) video 3840*2160 pixel) starts to appear here and there perhaps soon will appear in a Dsrlr cameras as well.

Nikon d7300 pricing

There is no information about the new Nikon d7300 pricing yet.

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