Recommended cameras and lenses


Recommended cameras and lenses

Recommended cameras and lenses

Photography is an expensive hobby. Don’t spend too much money if you not sure what you want to do, and what you like. If you like to make landscapes perhaps not a best macro lens you need. If you want to make pictures of birds not the best ultra wide angle lens is the best choice to buy. The lens has much more important role in photography than the camera. To separate there are the following categories:
-Ultra-zoom lenses optically not the best, but very convenient
-General usage lenses (usually from not so wide to short telephoto)
-Ultra wide angle lenses
-Wide angle lenses
-Macro lenses
-Normal lenses
-Telephoto lenses
-Super telephoto lenses
I suggest to get a general usage lens is any case, and starts to learn photography with that. This lenses covers most of the photographic possibilities one can face. Usually this lenses has the focal length of 18-55 or 17-50mm or something similar.

Best value cameras:

Currently on the market I think the Nikon d7000 is the best value Dsrl for still photography. You simply cannot get any similar camera for that price. If it is too expensive any Canon and Nikon entry level camera is fine, like the Nikon d3100 or Canon 100d, 1000d,1100d. For most uses this cameras has very good picture quality. The Nikon d7000 is not an entry level camera, but has an advantage over entry-level cameras it is more compatible with older Nikon lenses as well, ha in-built focus motor, has bigger viewfinder, and lot more useful functions. I own this camera, it has excellent high ISO capability. For video I more suggest the Canon 70D, or entry level Nikons instead, because of the flipout screen. Dslr cameras are not really up for video at the moment I think, but theses cameras has excellent picture quality.

Recommended lenses for Nikon

What makes difference in photography is not the cameras, but the lenses.
For the Nikon d7000 I recommend the following lenses: Nikon 16-85vr and the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 or the Tamron 17-50mm. If this is too expensive the Nikon 18-55mm vr lens or the Nikon 18-105mm vr lens is also very good. The 18-55mm is better at the wide end, but the 18-105mm is much more versatile.

Recommended cameras for Canon

The Canon 70d is the best non-Full frame Canon camera today, all other Aps-C cameras has the same sensor, so get what you like and can get cheaper, and spend money on lenses instead. The flipout screen is very nice on Canon models, but the Canon 100d has fixed LCD.

Recommended lenses

The Tamron 17-50 has a very good value overall and has f/2.8 aperture.

Recommended tripods

For tripods I recommend the Induro At313 or Manfrotto 055 ProB if you want a sturdy reliable tripod. Neither is small or light though.

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