This article was first written several years ago. If you want to buy the Uniqball, check the newest versions, perhaps the ones in this page are outdated.


TIPA 2015 Best Accessory Award

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What UniqBall is ?

The idea is simple: use only one tripod head for everything from wildlife to macro, landscapes, and video as well. And as a plus always shoot at level, no matter it is landscapes, macro or wildlife. This is what this tripod head does. UniqBall is a unique Hungarian ballhead for tripods to use with even huge telephoto lenses, without the need to change videoheads and ballheads all the time, when we want different functions. The Uniqueball is strong enough to use instead of Gimbal heads as well. The Uniqball can be levelled, because it is in reality is not one ballhead, but two (one inside, one outside) which enables levelling, panning and tilting functions as well.

First we level the outer ball by the bubble, after the other ballhead works as a pan tilt head which allows us level shooting or even recording a video.

What is it made from?

It is made from special alloys to be very durable.

Who invented/developed UniqBall ?

Three Hungarian international award-winning nature photographers developed the Uniqball in more than ten years (Csaba Karai, Balazs Karman, Laszlo Novak). They made a lot of field work with tripod mounted cameras in the nineties. They were not satisfied with the traditional heads for their work. They used the ancestor of this product on the field for a long time.

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When UniqBall starts to manufacture ?

The first Uniqueballs is started to sell just recently. (2013)

How to mount the camera

Arca style quick release clamps are used to mount the camera on the head.

Pricing of the UniqBall (2013)

The Uniqueball are currently selled in three versions for 335/519/529 Euros. The more expensive versions are stronger and recommended for super telephoto lenses.

UniqBall Promo video

UniqBall availability

Uniqueball official website

UniqBall availability in Germany

Uniqueball official website in Germany

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