Nov 062014

How to find good themes for photography ?

how to find photography themes

It is not as easy sometimes, but not so complicated either.

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1. Travel

One of the best source of nice photographs is travel. Sometimes your bucks are better spent on visiting nice locations, than camera equipment.

You can travel to exotic places, or just several miles where you can find better opportunities.

2. Obvious targets

Sometimes we miss the most obvious targets we have. For example I live in Budapest which is a beautiful city, with nice views, but it is often too obvious too me, and don’t think about it as special.

Some thinking can help in these situations.

3. Landscapes

you need nice things to show, which is perhaps not the best in a concrete blockhouse region. One of the possibility is to go next to the water, preferably when the sun rises or at sunset.

Usually the most beautiful colors can be experienced in these periods. You can think about sky, which is usually a huge part of the picture.

4. People

Most of my friends don’t like if I photograph them. So I don’t do it with them. I mostly make photographs on weddings, where everybody interested in photographs with the new couple, etc.

it is very interesting to meet people on the street and ask them if they want a photo, if they have an interesting face or look. Many people even asks for a photo, which happens with me several times. Other good opportunity is sports events for example.

Family events are also a good opportunity if your family like photographs. It is good to think about how to improve the pictures, not make the same pics every year.

5. Airports

Around airports easily can make lots of photos of the airplanes. If there is a nice green area around, bring some food and good company and can spend several hours with chat and photography.

6. Pet

With a good lens you can make exceptional photos even of an everyday cat or dog or other animal.

7. Night

In bigger cities it is interesting to make pictures with long exposures (several seconds) on a tripod about moving vehicles. It can be a good fun in nighttime when not many people around. The whole area has a different feeling.

8. Assignments

Many times there is no possibility to travel. I like to have fun, so I make assignments. For example what kind of photographs can I make for a door? How can I express something with this photo?

Can make assignments of doors, door handles, houses, roofs, fences, etc. You can find hundred of other assignments like bicycling people, old people, interesting lights, interesting lighting situations, bokeh, etc.

We can also think in projects, for example 5 pics about the place I live, or 3 pics of the city I live in, or 7 most beautiful flowers, etc. It also helps to get good results.

9. Action

To make photographs of action with high shutter speeds is interesting. Birds wildlife sports, car race are good opportunities to show dynamics in life.

10. Some themes

I can collect some themes to choose from in the below list. You can make the pictures according the title.
Foggy landscape, old people, abandoned building, old-timer car, reflecting water surface, couple’s silhouette, street lights, storm, sunset, sunrise, market, bridge, boat, road to.., airplane, bright white, arriving subway wagon, factory, fast-food restaurant, city lights, the passing of time, newborn baby, opening possibility, fall colors, bird flock in winter, lady in red, moving motorbike, sheeps, horse riding, farm, tea cup, ambient light, wedding ring, baby elephant, yellow tram, BMW front to name a few.

It is interesting to think about what kind of picture you can visualize according to the title.

11. Express a feeling with a photo

Think about a feeling, I list some positive ones: joy, amazement, freshness, curiosity, happiness, surprise, extasy, tranquillity, openess, being touched, peace, tenderness, grace, optimism, full of life, light-heartedness, rapture, satisfaction, desire to name a few, there are many others. Think about how to express it with a picture. You can put anything in the frame: people, landscape, any object, etc.

What do you think? What kind of ideas you have? You can share it in the comments.