Bird chicks Baby birds

Bird chicks Baby birds

I thought to write an article about different bird chicks. During the years I collect many bird chick photographs. Usually young birds can be really cute. Bird chicks usually much easier to photograph, than the adult birds, because they constantly calling their parents, which makes it evident where they are located. When I approach the bird and the voice is not stopping it is almost sure that it is a little bird, which calls their parents. I try to not scare them by moving slowly, and I can take photos from close distances without disturbing them.

Great spotted woodpecker chick

Bird chicks baby birds 3
The story with these woodpeckers quite interesting. This nest is located in one of the parks in Budapest suburb area. Guess where the nest is ? It is in the most crowded and noisy part of the park, inside the kindergarten. I thought about it, why there ?
Perhaps the bird thinks the baby must be in the kindergarten. This is the order, if there is a kindergarten in the park why put the chick elsewhere ? Or this area usually crowded with people, perhaps the baby is more protected from raptors like sparrowhawk ? Who knows ? As far as I know woodpeckers don’t think, but has some instincts. It is not really likely that at the point of occupying the nest this part of the park was silent, as people like to be in the park. Most clever birds as usually considered the crows. I saw several times they got the chips out of a public garbage container and eat the chips from the bag.

Black redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros)

Black redstart Phoenicuros ochruros
The adult bird looks like this
The black redstart is one of the most common bird in human settlements. The bird likes to nest next to houses in the holes or under the roof. Often called to chimney sweeper bird as well as the bird likes to spend time on the chimneys. The bird looks black and grey with a reddish tail, the male has white parts on the wings when it is closed. It is an average sized songbird. The usual voice is whistle which is not so clean but little tsip or several tsips resembles to electrical alarm or contact noise.
The baby black redstart is really cute.
baby birds black redstart
Nice small dumplings, with a shorter tail, than the parents. Interestinglywhen they leave the nest, can fly very quickly, but not as long as their parents. One of them only flew 5 meters, but the last 1m was not straight but bent downwards.

Pheasant chick

bird chicks
Pheasants brought to Europe from Asia. Originally pheasants only can be found in Asia. Since than the common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) quite well accomodated in Hungary. Pheasans was introduced in many countries, but some places the trial hasn’t succeded.
Adult male Pheasant

Blue tit

bird chicks
In reality the blue tit chick is much smaller than on the picture, just a telephoto lens make it bigger. From the appearance only it is hard to decide which kind of bird is in this case I see his/her parents this made the identification sure.

Chaffinch chick (fringilla coelebs)

bird chicks baby birdsThe chaffinch excellenty hide the chick in the pine tree. I even don’t see the old bird before I took this photograph, although frequently visit this area.

Golden oriole

baby birds golden oriole
Quite hard to detect the bird in the tree foliage, where they usually staying.
The Golden oriole is a very interesting bird. The male has a strong yellow color, while the female and the chicks are more greenish, with spotted white chest.
golden oriole male
The male bird looks like this


bird chicks baby birds
The mallard chicks can be really cute. Ducks and geese unique, because when the chicks comes out of the egg follow anyone who sees the first. It is usually their mums, but some cases can be different, which mostly people. Mallards are the most common, most tame easy to photograph birds. One pair even breeded in the garden of an office building.
Below an interesting video about a banker helps to ducklings

Mistle thrush chick

bird chicks mistle thrush
The young mistle thrush is beautiful. It is spotted in the chest and has some yellowish color as well. The young thrushes many cases hiding in the ground, and it is sometimes not easy to detect them, it is where the sound can help. If we are not careful we don’t hear the sound, the baby bird only calls their parents when he/she thinks it is safe. Don’t get the bird, his/her parents take care of her/him on the ground as well.

Great Crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus)

baby birds great crested grebe
The Great Crested grebe is a common bird in lakes. The baby birds looks totally different than the adults. Perhaps the different look helps to hide more for the young birds.
a bird from a little closer

Eurasian magpie (pica pica)

bird chicks magpie
On the picture is an Eurasian magpie family. It is a bird which accomodate very well to people. In cities they spread in huge numbers. Some places in Budapest you can find hundreds of them.

White stork chicks

bird chicks baby birds
The white stork is an interesting bird. It is an emblematic bird for many countries. Mostly they put their nests in human settlements above main roads on electric poles. Seems human doesn’t disturb the bird at all, at least in the nest. At the field the situation is different, if we approach the bird, the stork fly away, but according to my experience the white stork is not as shy as the herons or egrets. Some cases the stork can be a friend of the people, there are several stories like that, some cases perhaps the humans feed the baby stork, this is where the friendship can come. There is a stork for example in Gemenc forest in Hungary which walks among the fishermen very confidently in Szekszárd area. Usually there are only 3 chick in the white stork nest, but sometimes 4. The mother bird sometimes protect the nestlings from summer heat by covering them with spreaded wings.

An interesting film about a stork by Gyarmathy Lívia – Our stork

The award winning documentary tells a story about a white stork which remains in Hungary and not fly to Africa with the other storks. The film shows the relationship between the inhabitants of the little village and the stork without words.

Bird houses

garden birds may
If we want the birds to nest in our garden we can place some nice bird houses for them. How to place it ? Try to figure out which are the least visited dark parts of your garden. This attract the birds the most. Don’t be discouraged if the birds not find it immediately. I need 2-3 years for a woodpecker to occupy the box. I placed the box out, and left there. Smaller birds prefer the box to be in lower position (1.2-2m / 4-6.5′ from ground level), while bigger birds prefer at higher locations.

There are boxes with different size of holes. In Hungary I think there are 4 different sizes. It is classified from A to D. The smallest ones are good for small birds like Wren or Robin, the biggest ones for Owls. Between the smaller sized are for songbirds, bigger ones for species like Rollers. These boxes helps the birds to maintain their population as many cases hard for them to find an old tree with a proper size hole in it. Great and Blue tits can put their nests in fencepoles for example, because they don’t find appropriate possibilies around.

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