Patagonian penguin swim 5000 miles to visit his savior every year

Patagonian penguin swims 5000 miles to visit his savior every year

Touching story of the 71 year old fisherman and a small penguin. In Brazil near Rio de Janeiro Joao Pereira de Souza, a 71 year old fisherman saved the little penguin which was covered with oil. He brought home the little penguin, cleaned it and feed for weeks with fish. After he brought back the little bird where he founded it, but the penguin didn’t want to go, so stayed with him for another 11 months, after he started the long trip.

Surprisingly the penguin appeared again, and stayed with his new friend. The penguin every year spend 8 months with the fisherman, arriving in June. Seems the penguin thought about his human friend as family as only the old fisherman can touch him, don’t let other people to come to him.

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