Spring has started

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Apr 102014
Spring has started

Seems the spring has started. Very nice after the long mild winter is warming to see the lights of the sun, feel the sent of the flowers, see the green vegetation. I see some arriving swallows and the black redstart is arrived back to our chimney. The Great crested grebes started their mating rituals. Quite friendly birds, no problem to make photographs of them, even without a hide.
If you interested see more about grebes here

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I just sit calmly in their usual way and weight for them to arrive. I placed some nest boxes out in the garden, I will see if there will be some inhabitants in them. I try to place them the most calm uninterrupted parts of the garden. Unfortunately nowadays the Spring is short in Hungary, quickly turns to hot summer, when not so enjoyable taking photographs under the intense rays of the sun. The dawn and the dusk is remains for the nature lovers in relatively better conditions. I sit in a hide to make photographs of Bee eaters last summer it was quite hot.
Hey man what you doing with that long glass? Kestrel – Falco tinnunculus


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