Nikon d5400 release date review specs


Nikon d5400 release date review specs

Nikon d5500 announced ! Click here to read about the Nikon d5500

nikon d5500
The Nikon d5400 has skipped, and the new Nikon d5500 coming instead. Nikon announced the new Nikon d5500. The new Nikon d5500 has a flipout touchscreen interface, which is the first in any Nikon Dslr camera.

I started to put together a big all Nikon mount lens table, included third party and older manual focus lenses as well. This page also can be accessed by Main menu-lens reviews tab as well, as through the below link:
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Nikon d5400 release date review specs

Would be useful features:
-A second control dial would be handy for the new Nikon d5400.
-Dedicated ISO button for quicker control

This two would be the most useful functions

-Bigger viewfinder, hmm.. also would be very useful

Unfortunately most of these function used to differentiate the D5xxx line from the d7xxx camera line, but can be some improvement in one or two areas.

Some improvements in video functions are also possible, like a possible usage of a touchscreen interface.

Improvement in High iso performance is reasonable, as happens with newer models recently. The improvement is nut huge on a relative scale.

What probably won’t change is the 24 Megapix sensor, which is very good in absolute terms as well, as it is essentially the same the resides in the Nikon d7100. The processing engine is perhaps not the same though..just a guess.

possible Nikon D5400 specs
Nikon D5400 main parameters

Strength: Excellent 24 Mp sensor, very good video quality, good price/performance ratio
Weekness: No built-in focus motor, one dial, no ISO button

Release date: No info yet 2015 or 2016

Firmware: No firmware yet

Photo parameters

Resolution: 24.2 Megapixel most likely remain the same
Picture size: 5680×4256 Pixel similar is expected
Other picture sizes
Large, medium, small
ISO range: 100-12,800 (25,600) perhaps 51,200
Shutter speed: 1/4000-30s most likely remain the same
Dynamic range: 13.9 EV very good already
Colour depth: 24 bits similar is expected
Dxo high iso score: 1338 little improvement possible, which happens with the Nikon d3300 for example
Exposure compensation: -5 to +5 EV No reason to change
Focus points/Cross type focus points: 39/9Not very likely that the new Nikon d5400 will get the 51/15 af system
Built in flash: yes same is expected
Flash external connection: yes same is expected
Lens mount: Nikon F
Continuous shooting: 5 fps same is expected until the Nikon d7xxx line will be faster like 8 fps or 10 fps


Live view: yes same is expected
Video: yes same is expected
HDR: yes same is expected
Panorama: no same is expected
3D: no same is expected
Wifi: no expected to have, as most cameras have it nowadays
GPS (usually just geotagging): yes same is expected
Sensor cleaning: yes same is expected

Physical parameters

Sensor format: Aps-C same is expected
Crop factor: 1.5x same is expected
Sensor size: 23.5*15.6mm same is expected
Weight: 479g (1lb 0.89 oz.) same is expected
Camera Size: 124 x 99 x 76 mm same is expected
LCD: 1037k dots, size 3.2″ same is expected
Flipout LCD: yes same is expected
Touch screen: no same is expected
Viewfinder size/coverage: 0.54x/95% same is expected
Storage slots: 1/SDXC, SDHC, SD same is expected
Battery: 600 shots, EN-EL14a Li-ion (7.2VDC, 1230mAh) same is expected

Video parameters

Video autofocus: contrast detection same is expected
Video sizes: HD 1920×1080/60,50,30,25,24 1280×720/60,50 640×424/30,25
same is expected
External mic jack connection: yes same is expected
Max length of clips: 29 min same is expected
Movie format: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, MOV same is expected

Nikon D5300 other parameters and features

Start up time: unknown
Self timer: 2 s, 5 s, 10 s, 20 s same is expected

Nikon D5300 standard accessories

-AN-DC3 Camera Strap
-BS-1 Hot-Shoe Cover
-EN-EL14A Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for D5300 and Df Cameras
-DK-5 Eyepiece Shield
-EG-CP16 Nikon Audio/Video Cable
-DK-25 Rubber Eyecup
-BF-1B Body Cap
-UC-E17 USB Cable
-MH-24 Quick Charger for EN-EL14 Battery

Update: 9/11/2014
No new information yet about the Nikon d5400 release date. Nikon released lots of Full frame cameras recently. (Nikon d750, d810, d610, etc). Some times is needed for the new Nikon d5400 I guess. The below picture was made with the Nikon d5200 with a Nikkor 18-105 Vr lens.

Nikon d5400 release date review specs

Nikon d5400 release date

The release date is not known yet.(November 2014) Perhaps in 2014 but not sure. It is more likely to be in 2015. (December 2014).

Nikon d5400 introduction

The Nikon d5400 hasn’t been announced yet. It is interesting what is going to happen ? Seems Canon not really compete with Nikon today at the Aps-C market concerning sensor quality, so Nikon can decide to upgrade and develop new sensors or try to throw new functions in the camera with the same sensor for raised price as Canon did.

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Nikon d5400 specifications guess

Sensor: It is an interesting question the same 24 Mpix or something new ? More megapixels or less ?
Jpeg size: 6000*4000 where unlikely that it would change
Dynamic range: 14 EV
Color depth: 24 bits
Weigth: 555g as usual
Frame rate: 5 fps
LCD resolution: 1040 k dots
ISO range: 100-25,200 (perhaps 51,200 who knows it)
Fastest shutter speed: 1/4000s (it is enough anyway)
Focus points/cross type: 39/9

Nikon d5400 predecessors
The Nikon d5xxx camera line

The Nikon d5xxx camera line was created between the Nikon d7xxx camera line and the entry level Nikon d3xxxh camera line. While the Nikon d7xxx cameras has two control dials, in built focus motor, dedicated ISO button, and more direct buttons for often used functions, the Nikon d5xxx lacks the in-built focus motor, like the Nikon d3xxx line, which means non af-s lenses, without focus motor in the lens, you only can use manual focusing. Unlike the Nikon d7xxx cameras the Nikon d5xxx line has a tilt moving back LCD panel, which is very useful in video recording and stills as well at extreme angles.

Nikon d5300

The Nikon d5300 was released in 2013. This is quite a new camera. The camera has the same, high quality, but little improved 24 Megapixel sensor, improved video and many other functions, but still lacks the two control dial, and the focusing motor in the camera for non Af-s lenses.

Nikon d5200

The newer Nikon d5200 already receive the new 24 Megapixel sensor, which is similar to the sensor in the Nikon d7100 camera. The picture quality is fantastic. High dynamic range, plenty of resolution, excellent high ISO performance. Native ISO range of 100-6400, extended up to ISO 25,600.

Nikon d5100

The Nikon d5100 has a new 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor, like the one in the Mikon d7000. According to DXOmark, the sensor of the newer Nikon d5100 is even a little better than the one in the Nikon d7000. The camera also has a moving screen, which is ideal for video recording. The new sensor has a significantly better dynamic range than the earlier versions.

Nikon d5000

The first Dslr camera in the Nikon d5xxx line was the Nikon d5000. The Nikon d5000 was released in 2009. The camera had a 12 Mp CMOS sensor, ISO range of 200-3200, 11 af points with 3d tracking. Th camera can shoot 4 frames per second in continuous mode. The camera had a 230k dots tilt swivel LCD screen. The smaller size and weight ( around 500g ) is a good thing in the new camera as the improved functions compare to the entry level models.

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If you have any new information about the new Nikon d5400 please let us know.

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