What to buy today – photography equipment (June 2013)


What to buy today – photography equipment (June 2013)

I thought to give some tips for whoever interested..

Let’s start with the basics:

First if you are not sure not invest too much. If you invest, invest more in good lenses than camera bodies, what’s going to worth in 2 years almost nothing compare to the newer models, and good lenses are can worth more when you bought them.

Don’t be fooled by specs or megapixels.
Consider the weight of the system. Serious bodies can be a real burden in physical measures. The trend is now to make cameras smaller, and lighter (Canon 100d, 6d, Nikon d600).

If possible always try before buy.

Usually higher end bodies are better, there is a reason of their cost.

If you don’t like to change lenses(like me), get two camera bodies.

1. My approach is first to concentrate on lenses, after camera bodies. What you can do with a good lens, never can do with a mediocre lens and a super camera body.
To choose lenses first need to understand what is the goal in photography ? Macro, portraits, landscape, wildlife, sports, birds, artistic, etc ?
To buy good lenses at cheap prices is very hard. Two very good choice are the Tamron 17 50/f2.8, and Canon 200 f2.8 L. I have both of them, and very satisfied with these lenses. Canon 85/1.8, and Canon 700-200 f4 L, Canon 400 f5.6L are also very good lenses. In Nikon system the 35/1.8 is a very good value lens.

Camera bodies
I think now is a used Canon 5d Mk II or Nikon 700D can be a very good deal. Older Canon 5D even can be better for some.
Nikon d7100 or d5200 is also a very good value offers.

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