Canon 3D release date review specs compared

Canon 3D

Someone has photographed a camera which seems like the new Canon 3D. The camera looks like the older 1 series not like the new more compact Canon slr cameras.

Canon 3D specification guess

No information about the new Canon 3d specification yet.

Lens mount

The camera has a Canon EF mount. It looks quite sure at the moment


The camera has a 35.9 x 24 mm Dx format CMOS sensor. The crop factor is 1x.

Picture parameters

We don’t know the camera resolution yet. Somehow I think it will be 24 Megapixel.

Other picture sizes

L (6000 pixel) , M (4000 pixel) , S (around 2400 pixel)

File format

The camera can make pictures in jpg and Raw format.

Picture qualities

There are different picture qualities: fine, normal and lo jpgs.

Autofocus parameters
Autofocus type

The autofocus has many cross-type points for more precise adjustment.

Autofocus points

The camera has 65 autofocus points totally, out of which all cross-type autofocus sensors. The autofocus of the camera is really quick and quite reliable.

Autofocus sensitivity

The autofocus can work up to -3 Ev according to the manufacturer.

Camera physical parameters
Camera appearance

The camera looks similar to older 1D series models.


The camera has a black color.

Used materials

The camera mostly made of metal and hard plastic.


The build quality of the camera is very good. Everything is tightly assembled, the grip is comfortable.


The buttons are properly placed, each function is easily accessed, the camera has a premium feel.

Viewfinder Type

As a Dslr camera, the camera has an optical viewfinder.

Viewfinder Magnification

The camera has a bright optical viewfinder, as usual for Full frame cameras.

Viewfinder coverage

The viewfinder coverage is 100%.

Back LCD monitor

The camera has a 1229k pixel fixed LCD monitor. The colors are nice, the brightness is adjustable in 7 levels.

Monitor type

The camera has a fixed LCD monitor.


For easier usability the camera has a Touchsreen interface.

Body construction

The camera made from Magnesium alloy shell, which makes the camera quite durable. The camera feels tightly assembled, and has a quality feel.

Camera dials

The camera has two control dials, which helps to quick settings of the camera.

Memory cards

The camera has two memory card slots. The second slot can be used for multiple purposes, for example making a double copy for safety, one slot can be used for Raw, the other for jpg images, and for overflow reasons, if one card is full, the camera load the pictures on the spare card.
The camera accepts Sdhc, Sdxc, and CF memory cards.

Shutter lifespan

There is no information about the shutter lifespan, usually 150,000 actuations for such cameras are the designed level, but no warranty on that one.

Shutter sound

The shutter has a small click sound in Quiet mode. Normally the sound is more noisy.

Burst mode

The camera can make 5 frames per second in burst mode. The max number of frames are the following:


The camera can make HDR images in camera.

Timelapse mode

The camera can make timelapse videos in camera.

Live view

The camera has a live view feature, which means a camera can be used with the back LCD in the same manner, as we would use a compact camera. In live view the viewfinder obviously not usable.

White balance modes

The camera has a following white balance modes: incadescent, fluorescent, daylight, flash,

Kelvin white balance

The camera also has Kelvin white balace. The color temperature can be adjusted between 2500 and 10,000. The lower values are more reddish while to higher values are more blueish.

Pre set white balance modes

It is also possible to use pre set white balance modes

Scene modes

The camera has plenty of scene modes to choose from: Night, landscape, portrait, snow, sport, beach high key, low key.

High iso performance

The camera can make very nice images up to ISO 3200, but usable images as far as ISO 12,800. Images at ISO 25,600 sensitivity is very noisy, but good for desperate situations. A sharp but grainy photo is better than a blurred photo.

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