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The birds are very interesting for example. There are approximately 10,000 species exist in the world today. In Europe around 800 hundred. The most species can be found in the Rain forests of Brazil, Costa rica and other exotic places. There are around 1500 species can be found only in the Rain forests, what we know, almost double than in the Whole Europe. read more about birds here


See many flowers at below link.
See flowers here



Nature is a unique thing we have. Without it what we have left? Everything we have is originated in nature. Even the computer I use to write this article comes from the nature.

The green vegetation, the hills, rivers gives us joy, together with the many different creatures in it. Photography can help to show what we have. The nature is varying in different continents, everywhere is slightly different. The sand dunes of the Sahara dessert, or the hills of the Himalaya mountains, the colors of Yellowstone are all unique.

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Nature can help us to relax and to forget our everyday problems and challenges. Nature is where we originated from. Without nature we wouldn’t exist. The nature can be frightening at times, but it is better than to destroy it or change it to concrete everywhere. The number of the human population growing rapidly, causing to diminish the areas left for the nature, agricultural field everywhere packed with heavy chemicals and gen manipulated vegetation, who knows what our sons and daughters left from nature?

What we can do, to make our part to protect what we have in our vicinity, or think about how we can help to protect.


Even thinking about this is very challenging and frightening at the same time. Space literally, time, distance. Galaxies, black holes, pulsars, planets.

The farest galaxy is the z8_GND_5296 discovered by the Hubble telescope. What we can see about this galaxy real time, is how it was looked like 13,100,000,000 years ago.

From this you can calculate the distance. The light goes 300,000 km/sec. Now only need to multiply the big number with the 300,000 (speed) and (365 days)(24hours)(60 minutes)(60 seconds) and voila we have the result in km. For me it seems a BIG NUMBER.

The distance between the Sun and the Earth is 149,600 000 km (still a big number). To go there one must theoretically needs 17 years at 1000km/h speed. Pretty far, don’t go there. The other problem is very hot there.

What is closer here is the Moon. The average distance (Lunar distance as they called) is 384,400 km. It is much more manageable. It takes 16 days to get there with the same speed. It is interesting to think about these thinks, we can set ourself in perspective.

Planet called Earth

The Blue planet. The Earth has a radius of 6378 km. Around the equator the distance is approximately 40,000 km. The Earth mostly covered by Oceans (71% of the surface of the Earth). The Earth is part of the Milky way. In Our solar system, the Earth is the densest planet. The Earth gives home to 8 Million species. The water is a must for life. The human body contains 86% of water. Most of Earth’s water are saline water in the oceans and other places. Only 3.5% of the whole water quantity is freshwater, most stored in ice on the poles. After ice and glaciers the ground water is the second biggest source of the freshwater. Rivers only stores of the fraction of the total quantity of freshwater.


Like it or not we are part of the nature. We are not Gods, even if our pockets are filled with money. The same rules can be applied to us, than other parts of the nature. The current World population is 7.2 Billion people (November 2014). That’s many I think. 224,000 children are born every day on the Earth, 124,000,000 children this year. The death rate is less than the half of it, means the growth is 130,000 people per day. In Jesus’s days the estimated population was around 2-300 Million people. Until 1800 the population was estimated 1 Billion people, and then started rapidly growing: in 2000 it was around 4 Billion and afterwards almost doubled in 14 years ! The growth rate fortunately declining. Most people live in China (1.4 Billion), India (1.3 Billion) and the United States (0.32 Billion). After Indonesia (0.25 Billion) and Brasil (0.2 Billion) comes. After comes Pakistan (0.18 Billion) and Nigeria (0.17 Billion). As you probably guessed 60% of the World’s population lives in Asia, 15% in Africa and 10 percent in Europe. 8 percent in Latin america 5% in North America, 0.5 in Oceania. These growing population gives many challenges to humankind, one of the obvious demands are more food, and more wealth, which leads to decreasing natural areas, unfortunately mostly at the most interesting places like rain forests and exotic places. Other places where there are big problems is the oceans, and seas, where pollution and decrease of fish species are a large problem.


There are approximately 5400 mammal species identified in the World, around 270 in Europe. Out of these 25% threatened with extinction. (In Europe).
see pictures about mammals here


There are appoximately 400 billion trees can be found in our planet. This is a rough number, calculated by density numbers multiplied by tree covered area. There are many tree species, we recognize about 23,000 different species in the World. In Europe the number of species are around 6000. Trees are very useful absorbing carbon dioxide and supplying oxigen. What is a really cool thing to plant a tree. I regret that I plant a first tree in my life when I was 42 years old. Of course normally you need a house with a garden for this, or at least a weekend plot. When I was younger things like gardening didn’t interest me at all.


There are approximately 75,000 mushrooms are identified on Earth, but experts thinks there are approximately another Million is yet to be specified. So this is quite a rich part of the nature. The identified species are classified in to 8 different divisions. see pictures about mushrooms here


Canon 100mm macro 10
The most species obviously can be found at insects, almost a million different species.
see pictures about insects here

Interesting moth (Night butterfly) looks like a hummingbird. The movement of the wings are so fast only can see a stripe. The latin name is Macroglossum stellatarum. Actually the English name is Hummingbird Hawk Moth, the Hungarian name nothing to do with Hummingbirds, the Hungarian name refers to the tail is like a duck tale (Kacsafarkú szender). I see this specie only two time both cases around 18:00h afternoon. First time I cannot capture it, second time made a lots of photo, but it is not so easy because it was quite dark.

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