Sep 252013

Canon 700d vs Sony Nex 3N

Canon 700d vs Sony Nex 3N


A Dsrl against a Milc camera. The most interesting is that in picture quality department a difference is not big. Almost I can say a draw between the two cameras even in high iso settings. Ok a Canon 700d a little bit better thanks to it’s software but the sensor of the Sony Nex is better according to the Dxomark laboratory. The little Sony is a nice camera to use: small, quick autofocus action, dedicated iso button, everything works as it should. The Sony 18 55 lens is better than the often supplied 16 50 though, which is not very good.

Canon 700d vs Nex 3N
In the other hand this scientific datas are perhaps not enough information for “normal” people. According to the laboratory test the Sony Nex sensor is better by a good margin but the real world pictures at ISO 1600,3200,6400 not shows this results. In reality a Canon 700d is a hair better, even the sensor of the Sony is better, but Canon has a better software to eliminate noise. In spite of the differences in key areas in the laboratory measurements the pictures provided by the two camera is more similar than different. I would like Canon to makes better quality cameras though even in this entry segment. In comparison the Nikon D5200 which have also a Sony sensor is a way better than the Canon 700D in real world pictures as well not just sensor datas.

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