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Last update : 08/05/2015

Canon 1D C II release date specs price

The Canon 1D C (Mark I) camera is on the picture

Introduction – Canon 1D C II release date specs price

Here you can read rumors and news about the new Canon 1D C II camera.
The Canon 1D C II camera has not been announced yet, but perhaps can come soon. Some rumors suggests that Canon will release two high end Dslr cameras in the near future.

The release of the Canon 1Dc II is not sure. But it would be interesting for the following reason: High dynamic range video recording. Magic lantern manage to get 3 Ev extra out the Canon 6d, by using the dual pixel system with two different iso settings at the same time.

But it can be a marketing problem as well. The first generation of Cinema EOS camcorders has no dual pixel af, now the second generation coming out with dual pixel af, and after third generation with high dynamic range ??

Anyway it would be reasonable to use this high dynamic range if there is a possibility I think. Marketers can think about it, how to cater.

I don’t know how easy or hard to do this, but Magic lantern has done it, so it is possible. As far as I know there is some disadvantages as well, but life is just like this.

So seems there is a good chance that the Canon 1D C II can come in 2015.

The other thing which makes it more likely that the original version of the cinema camera has not have the new Dual pixel af system.

The new Dual pixel af system is now introduced to Cinema EOS cameras as well.

Canon 1D C II specs

Canon 1d line cameras usually has excellent low light performance together with high shooting speed. Magnesium alloy body used here usually with two grips.

These high end cameras comes with fixed screen, in order to avoid any risk of the camera can be damaged, but for a Cinema camera it makes sense to have a flipout screen in some form (modular form for example).

For the best high ISO performance the current 1 D C has a 18 Megapixel Full frame sensor, which is perhaps remain the same regarding resolution, but will be improved in terms of high ISO performance or dynamic range.

If the new rumored multilayer sensor is come there is a good chance that it will be in the new Canon 1D C Mark II as well.

It is interesting to think about new what functions can be in the new Canon ?
Distortion correction, CA correction are now present in the Canon 7d Mk II as well.

The new 65 points all cross type autofocus system of the 7d Mark II or even an upgraded better autofocus version is can be expected in the new Canon 1D X II.

Wifi and NFC now is very common even in compact cameras, so it is pretty much sure to be in the new 1D C II.

Canon 1D C II release date

There is no information about the new Canon 1D C II release date yet, but it can be even released in 2015.

Canon 1D C II release date specs price

There is no information about the price yet. The Canon 1D C price is currently 10,000 US dollars, I guess the new Canon 1D C II will be at least 12,000 US Dollar.

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