Nikon d3500 release date review specs


Nikon d3500 release date review specs

Nikon d3500 release date review specs

Nikon d3500 release date review specs

There is a chance that a new Nikon d3500 come after the Nikon d3300 as in Japan they don’t like the 4 number (No Panasonic G4 for example). Nikons last release was the Nikon d7200 which seems a very capable camera but at a higher price, than it’s predecessors.

Nikon d3500


The new Nikon d3500 camera perhaps will be released in 2016. No detailed information yet. Seems Nikon makes very good cameras, and more and more functions appear in entry level models as well. The very good 24 Mpixel sensor and lots of other functions are now available in entry level models as well, not just in the Nikon 7xxx and 5xxx line. Nikon doesn’t make a very small Dsrl like the Canon 100d yet, but no information is it projected for the future or not. Perhaps the Nikon d3500 can be a small dsrl like the Canon 100d at Nikon part. But this is only a speculation, perhaps there will be a new line like Nikon 1000 or something different.


Nikon d3500 release

The exact Nikon d3500 release date is not yet known. Will be updated.

Nikon d3500 Specification

No information yet about the new Nikon d3500 specs.
Sensor:24 Mp this is the most likely option, but seems Nikon sensors produced by Toshiba gets better and better even is small periods
Camera size: as before
Camera weight: as before
Dynamic range: no information yet
ISO range:100-25,600 this is the most likely
Video: HD or 4K
LCD resolution:No info yet
Viewfinder size: No info yet, probably continuing the small size of the earlier models

Nikon d3500 functions

No informations about the functions yet. It is interesting whether Nikon improve video autofocusing system in some way. Perhaps at that time all camera has a touchscreen, which helps to pack in lots of different functions.
Wifi comes more and more common will be like industry standard in a little time.

Nikon d3500 price

No information about the Nikon d3500 price yet.

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