Programs for Ubuntu


Programs for Ubuntu

Programs for Ubuntu

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Introduction – Programs for Ubuntu

Linux operating system has lots of distributions like Suse Linux, Redhat linux, Ubuntu, Debian and many others. Usually Linux systems are free and openly can be distributed. The code also open all users can check what is it about and what parts does it have. If you want you can modify the operating system parts which you prefer. Ubuntu has a goal to make Linux available for the “normal” people as well, not just computer-enthusiasts. If you have any problems with it many helpful people waits for you in the different forums.

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The Ubuntu linux has a graphical interface (GUI) this way similar to other commonly used systems like the Mac or Windows. There were different Graphical desktop environment of the Ubuntu called Gnome, KDE, Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce, LXDE. Now(2014) Ubuntu has originally provided with the Unity graphical interface, you can try others as well. For running for example KDE programs, like KGeography some package is needed to install from Kde (available from the standard File manager). Ubuntu has a software center previously called Synaptic package manager which allows to install programs with just several clicks from the central repository. Ubuntu also works in command line from the Terminal as in the good old days.
I use Ubuntu linux quite a few years now, though I thought to give some tips of the most useful programs. This programs are free programs (January 2014). Lots of free programs available for Ubuntu, and there are some programs which are not free. Most can be easily upload automatically by the Program manager. Some of this programs are also available for Windows operating system as well. The list doesn’t contains the usual programs supplied together with the system such as Libre office Writer, Libre office Calc, Firefox, etc.

Apache web server – Programs for Ubuntu

If you interested in programming or computers, you can have a web server for free in the Ubuntu operating system. If you interested in more detail at below link is everything explained in detail See how to install the web server in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS at

Wine – Programs for Ubuntu

Wine doesn’t one kind of alcoholic liquid as the name suggests, but a very interesting program for Ubuntu linux as well. Wine is a windows emulator Program in Ubuntu Linux. What does it mean? You can run windows programs with .exe extension under the Ubuntu Linux system. Not all program is compatible, but many including high end games as well. You can run even internet explorer or other windows programs with it. For more complicated programs usually some kinds of tutorial or explanation is necessary.
See list of Wine-compatible programs here

VLC – Programs for Ubuntu

VLC is a popular Video/DVD player for Ubuntu operating system. The good news it doesn’t need any additional codecs to download, it just works as it should.



Gimp is a free photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop. It can used to crop pictures, adjust curves, sharpen, sature photos, modify contrast, brightness, etc. I post process my pitures can be seen at this website with Gimp software. Gimp also has Gimpshop version which makes a user interface more similar to Photoshop’s.



is a free audio editing software. Can convert audio files to mp3 or ogg vorbis.



is an album manager program with tons of features. My best is the bunch resize option, when lots of pictures can be modified together in one command.

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Stellarium – Programs for Ubuntu

is an interesting program about the sky. It shows the sky in 3D similar to reality. This is one of the most favoured programs for astro funs in Ubuntu.

Programs for Ubuntu

Tuxguitar – Programs for Ubuntu

is a free guitar program, which can handle guitar pro files. Each intrument can be checked separately. The program can be used as the metronome as well. The programs shows the tabulature. Timidity also need to be installed for Tuxguitar to work properly. Timidity is a software synthesizer which allows to play Tuxguitar midi files among others. Timidity can be accessed from the Ubuntu software center.

Kgeography – Programs for Ubuntu

is a fun Geographical tutorial program which helps to learn the Countries of the Earth. A good fun for families.

Raw therapy – Programs for Ubuntu

is a very good featured Raw processor program for Ubuntu.

Xamp – Programs for Ubuntu

is a program which imitates as webserver, can be checked how the website would look like on the internet.

Filezilla – Programs for Ubuntu

is an ftp client solution for Ubuntu also available on other platforms as well.


Bluefish is a powerful editor in Ubuntu and many other operating system for programmers and webdevelopers. Bluefish has many options to write scripts, websites or programming codes. Bluefish supports many programming languages.

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