Nikon 200mm f/4 af-d macro


Nikon 200mm f/4 af-d macro

nikon 200mm f/4 af-d macro

Future more in-depth review is planned about the Nikon 200mm f/4 af-d macro.

Specifications – Nikon 200mm f/4 af-d macro

Focal length range: 200 mm
Aperture range: f/4 – f/32
Optical formula: 13 lens elements in 8 groups included 2 ED elements
Brightness: f/4
Aperture blades: 9
Minimum focusing distance: 0.5 m ( 19.69 ‘)
Distance from front element: app. 26 cm (0.85 feet)
Weight: 1190 g ( 41.98 oz. )
Dimensions: App. 193 x 76 mm ( 7.6 x 2.99 “)
Aperture diaphragm blades:
Magnification: 1: 1
Filter thread: 62 mm (non-rotating)
Focus limiter: yes
Hood: Nikon NH 30 (not supplied)

The Nikon 200mm f/4 af-d macro is a very good quality lens. It is made from metal. The lens has an aperture ring. What is unique is the 50 cm working distance.

The lens has a non-removable tripod collar.

To switch between manual focus and autofocus can be possible with a ring.

It won’t autofocus on the cheapest Nikon d3xxx and Nikon d5xxx cameras, because it lacks the in-built focus motor. You can use it in manual focus mode.

The af has a long range, for telephoto range usage compare to telephoto lenses, it is slow. It is more useful for macro for which it is designed for.

The price of the 200m macro is 1700 USD. It is not a cheap lens. The lens has minimal distortion, and very low CA.


-Stellar optics
-Very little if any distortion
-No visible chromatic aberration
-2 ED glass
-rock solid build


-Slow and noisy micromotor
-Little heavy
-No Af with entry line cameras

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