Wren ökörszem


Wren or Winter wren or Eurasian wren or Troglodytes troglodytes in latin


The Wren is one of my favourite bird. It is a very common bird in Hungary. According to older survey approximately 27-53,000 pairs of wrens nests in Hungary. Usually this little fellow can be find next to lakes in the bushes or between the reeds. The wren is one of the smallest bird in Hungary, but not the smallest, because Kinglets are even smaller. The wren is a bird that is hard to see because of two reasons:
1. The bird is very small
2. Has brownish not very visible colour
3. The birds is usually is below eye level, many times on the ground.


I usually spot wrens because of their distinct alarm sound (sound like chatt). I can admit I have never seen two Wrens together only one Wren at a time. The Wren is a permanent bird in Hungary and is much easier to spot in winter.

wren 1
The bird is a little more thick than a slim branch
This is why hard to see because likes to pose like this
wren 4


The little bird (in Hungarian Bull’s eye) is just a little bigger(8-10cm and 7-10 gram) than the kinglets, which looks like a bouncing walnut on the ground. The weight of the bird is several grams. The bird has a small tail and wings. The shape of the bird is roundish.

Life span

The bird lives for 6 years.


The bird has a brownish colour and outside sometime looking more dark, like dark brown.


Usually the bird eats small spiders, mosquitos, larvae, grubs and small insects.


The little bird is not particularly shy bird, of course if someone want to look closer fly away. If I don’t move quickly, and has a little patience, it is easy to approach the bird even up to 1-2 meters. Once I approached the bird from approximately 2 meters, and makes a bunch of photograph without even disturbing him/her. The trick is that I hide behind my camera, and doesn’t move. The shutter sound doesn’t disturb the bird at all, but it is not for granted. Some places where there are not so many humans perhaps the birds are more sensitive to sounds. What is sure movement scare them easily away. Because of the birds small size, usually must approach very close to make a good photo of the bird. It is hard with dark long lenses because it is hard to make a photo on a branch for example. Usually on the ground or between the reds is where most easily can make a photo usually in dark environment.

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