Saker falcon live webcam

Saker falcon live webcam

See the saker falcons (Falco cherrug) at below link:
Now it is working the webcam can be accessed at the right bottom of the main page of the elec supplier.

Saker falcon live webcam Mavir Hungary


The falcons are nesting on a high voltage pole in Hungary. Last year after the breeding of Saker falcons a pair of Hobby (Falco subbuteo) occupied the nest. The webcam is supplied by the energy provider MAVIR. The Saker falcon has a growing population in Hungary thanks to the extensive protection of the previous years. Many people guard the Saker falcon nests in 24/7 hours a week. Now most of the population are breeding on high voltage poles like the one at the webcam. The Saker falcon is kind of iconic bird in Hungary according to the story the ancestors of Hungarian people follow the Saker falcon to the area of the present Hungary.

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