Full frame mirrorless Nikon


Full frame mirrorless Nikon

Full frame mirrorless Nikon
This is not a Full frame mirrorless Nikon camera, just a Nikon d3300 for illustration

Full frame mirrorless Nikon
Full frame mirrorless Nikon
Introduction – Full frame mirrorless Nikon

Sooner or later it will come according to my guess. I have no actual information about it. On Thom Hogan’s website it is on the wishlist for years. . Even with two Aps-C camera bodies I sometimes feel like a porter. A pocketable high-powered camera would be nice with a good lens compatibility. The first FullFrame mirrorless Nikon. It would be good to have a really small, very good quality, fast, usable FF mirrorless camera. A Full frame sensor a little software, a good battery and a small housing perhaps with a hybrid or electronic viewfinder. Up to now only Sony make a FF mirrorless camera. Nikon has an advantage of many very well working lens are available which perhaps would be used with a special adapter (Usually the mirrorless cameras has less distance because of the lack of the mirror).

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Specifications – Full frame mirrorless Nikon

Sensor:36*24mm CMOS
ISO range:100-204,800
Kit lens:20-24mm f/2 pancake would be nice
Weight:500g would be nice
Dimensions: only a good grip is needed, can be 100*60*25mm for example.
Video: 4K or HD
Screen: flipout or tilting screen would be nice for video and extreme angles
Good autofocus system is needed especially in low light situations like inside a room or dark environments, perhaps this is the most problematic issue here.
Viewfinder: 2.3M dot Oled, with all bells and whistles

Standard accessories – Full frame mirrorless Nikon

Adapter to all Nikkor lenses – would be nice, but more likely it must be purchased separately
Battery and charger
Kit lens
Software CD

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