Check the whole aperture range


Check the whole aperture range

My quick tip for today to check your lens whole aperture range, if you haven’t done it yet already.

The most important apertures: the wide open aperture, the next one, the “sweet spot”, which is usually f/5.6, for cheaper longer lenses (more than 300mm focal length) usually f/8-f/11, the f/11, f/16 and the smallest usually f/32 aperture.

As you use smaller apertures, more and more shutter speed is required for f/16 perhaps needed a tripod, unless you shoot in bright sunlight.

You can also learn aperture shutter speed values for different situations.

How to check it? It is good question. (I like my own question :). First choose the aperture and shoot with it for longer periods, and assume what you have learned.

For example use one aperture for a week. It is good to chose an aperture which you very rarely use otherwise. (Which you use a lot, you know already) Learn about what is it good or not good for.

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