Chose the colors of your picture


Chose the colors of your picture


Many cases it is possible to chose your colors for your picture. In some cases not, for example if you want to make a photo of a blue bird, but you see a brown bird, you cannot make it blue. To change the background colors is also not easy.

Warmer colors makes the photo more positive, gives more life to the pictures, cooler colors are makes the photo more complicated.

But for example you think about red color in your picture. You think about red colored subjects and what you can do with them.

You can think about a lady in red, a red flower, a red room, or many other things. After you can find out how you can create your photo.

You can think or experiment any color you like, for example gold, green, blue and many others.

It is an interesting option to make the background black and white and leave only one dominant color in the photo.

To do this, the easiest option is the layer mask. Looks complicated..but not, copy the layer, desaturate one of the layers, while switch off the other (perhaps needs to change the order of layers to able to do this), than white layer mask on the greyscale pic(set the layers as you see the grey layer, when both layer is on) and paint on the colored part of the photo on the grey layer, save and finish. The result is above.

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