Go closer


Go closer

go closer

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough
Robert Capa
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This is a very simple tip. Just go closer. You can make better photos if you go closer to the subject of your photo. Learn the lens minimum focus distance, don’t go closer than that if you don’t want to do it for a special effect.

If you go closer you can blur the background more.

It is more easy to make sharper images.

Go closer, experiment. Make closer pictures about water surfaces, go closer to people, go closer for macro, or wildlife. Check the photos you make, learn from that.

For landscapes you need small apertures like f/11 – f/22 to be more parts of the image in focus. Experiment which aperture fits your style the most.

If you go really close for the best detail perhaps f/22 required, but this is not as sharp as the bigger apertures.

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