Why my pictures are not sharp?


Dslr camera tips – Why my pictures are not sharp?

Why my pictures are not sharp?

0. The 0. reason – camera settings

Dslr cameras unlike compact cameras, doesn’t give you a final result, as you like it. Compact cameras on the other hand using lots of sharpening, saturation and all kinds of other staff for the pictures to look better. When I first use a Dslr camera I found every picture I made quite soft, even with the sharpest settings. What to do? In picture style turn up sharpening, contrast and saturation as well. For sharpening usually higher extra value needed, than for contrast.

1. The first reason – not precise focusing

In most cases the problem is not precise focusing. The focus in not on the subject, but a little bit behind, or in front of the subject. Some lenses are prone to front or back focusing, to test it is a good idea.

2. The second reason – too low shutter speed

If the shutter speed is too low we end up blurred images.

3. The third reason – low light low iso no tripod combo

If the light level is low, we must increase ISO, or use a flash or use a tripod for still subjects.

4. The fourth reason – too shallow depth of field

Some cases for example dramatic landscapes huge depth of field needed to render everything in focus, for this a small aperture required (f/11-f/19), and also need to consider the focusing distance as well, to be not at the most distante point but closer to the camera. Other kind of photography where the dof is shallow is portraits and macro. If you go closer and closer the Dof is less end less, especially if you use bright lenses at wide open aperture.

5. The fifth reason – unsharp equipment

The last reason, if your equipment is not sharp enough, there can be problems with the sharpness as well. For cheaper equipment smaller apertures (f/8) needed for optimal sharpness.

6. Even if our equipment is not sharp there is a chance

There is a bonus here. How to make sharp images with unsharp equipment?
The important thing that the image wouldn’t be blurred. There are some post processing technique which helps in such cases. The following helps in post processing: sharpening, unsharp mask, add contrast and saturation.

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