Try different angles

Try different angles

Try different angles – it seems obvious but many times we make pictures from the same angles, which results in same looking images.
So what to do?

Try to make pictures from different perspectives, think about where you can stand, or what are the possibilities to change the perspective.

For example making photos of birds or animals standing on the ground try to use the lower perspective. One of the method is to use a pan, if you make photos of shorebirds in the sand. You lay on the ground and put the camera and the lens in the pan, which helps the equipment not to be dirty.

If you make portraits different angle shows the subject differently. If you make a photo from above, makes the subject smaller, and the head bigger.

If you make the photo from below perspective, this makes a body bigger.

Telephoto lenses can be used creatively in landscape photography. The telephoto lens compresses the landscape, which creates an interesting picture. The other effect which can be created by the telephoto lens is the shallow depth of field, which can make the picture more interesting.

It is very important where we place the focus point if we use the telephoto lens for landscapes.

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