Canon 6d specs


Canon 6D specs

canon 6d specs

Canon 6D specs
Official name – Canon 6D specs

The official name is Canon EOS 6D. The Eos name refers to a goddess of dawn in latin or dawn in Greek. All Canon cameras has this moniker.

Versions – Canon 6D specs

Canon Eor VG
Canon Eos (N) the (N) version doesn’t have Wifi and GPS functions.

Versions what are the difference? – Canon 6D specs

Seems a version with (N) naked(?) moniker existing without GPS and Wifi, apart from the original version. Wifi support is different by devices and regions as well. Many cameras tagged with Wifi and GPS, but it doesn’t necessarily means what a future owner think about Wifi or GPS. Better to check before buy what the camera really can do in terms of Wifi or GPS. GPS is usually just for geo-tagging the pictures.
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Introduction – Canon 6D specs

The Canon 6d is the most popular Canon full frame Dslr today (April 2014) Why? Because of the smaller size, excellent low light performance and lower price than the Canon 5d Mk III. Currently the Canon 6d sells for 1900 dollar(body only), while the Canon 5d Mk III sells for 3400 dollar(body only). This is a significant difference. If you check almost any review site the Canon 6d is a preferred option. Even the low light performance of the Canon 6d is a little better. The biggest difference between the two is the autofocus system, because the Canon 6d only has 9/1 focus point, but the Canon 5d mark III boasts with many focus and cross type points, even double cross-type points in the middle of the frame.

Canon 6D main parameters

Strength: Excellent picture quality even in high sensitivity
Weekness: High price(it depends on perspective compare to 5d Mk III even cheap), only one cross type focus points and 11 focus points total, fixed screen
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Canon EOS 6D specs
Canon EOS 6D specs
Release date:2012

Firmware :

1.1.4, 3/18/2014.

Photo parameters

Resolution: 20.9 Megapixel
Picture size: 5720×3648 Pixel
Other picture sizes Large, medium, small
ISO range: 100-25,600 (102,400)
Shutter speed: 1/4000-30s, bulb X-synch at 1/180s
Dynamic range: 12.1 EV
Colour depth: 23.8 bits
Dxo high iso score: 2340
Processing engine: Digic 5+
Flash Exposure compensation:+-3EV
Exposure compensation:+-5EV
Focus points/crosstype points: 11/1
Built in flash: no
Flash external connection: yes
Lens mount: Canon EF (Full-frame)
Continuous shooting: 4.5 fps

File sizes – Canon 6d specs

L (Large): Approx. 20.00 megapixels (5472 x 3648)
M (Medium): Approx. 8.90 megapixels (3648 x 2432)
S1 (Small 1): Approx. 5.00 megapixels (2736 x 1824)
S2 (Small 2): Approx. 2.50 megapixels (1920 x 1280)
S3 (Small 3): Approx. 350,000 pixels (720 x 480)
RAW : Approx. 20.00 megapixels (5472 x 3648)
M-RAW : Approx. 11.00 megapixels (4104 x 2736)
S-RAW : Approx. 5.00 megapixels (2736 x 1824)


Live view: yes
Video: yes
HDR: yes
Panorama: no
3D: no
Wifi: no
GPS (usually just geotagging): yes
Sensor cleaning :yes
Multiple exposures up to 9 frames

Physical parameters

Sensor format: Full-frame
Crop factor: 1x
Sensor size: 35.8*23.9mm
Weight: 770g ( lb. oz.)
Camera Size: 145 x 111 x 71 mm
LCD: 1040k dots, size 3″
Flipout LCD: no
Touch screen: no
Viewfinder size/coverage:0.71x/97%
Storage slots: 1/Sd, Sdhc, Sdxc card (Uhs-I compatible)
Battery: 980 shots, LP-E6 Lithium-Ion (7.2V, 1800mAh)

AF modes – Canon 6D specs

-Flexi zone Af
-Live view
-Quick mode

Video parameters

ISO range for movies:100-25,600
Video autofocus: Contrast detection, the Camera cannot autofocus continuously like a camcorder.
Video sizes: HD 1920×1080/30,25,24, 1280×720/60,50 SD 640×480/30,25
Compression methods: IPB(compress multiple frames at a time, smaller files, longer clips ability), ALL-I (I-only)(compress one frame at a time, better for editing)
External mic jack connection: yes
Recommended cards for recording movies: IPB compression 6MB/sec or faster, ALL-I compression 20MB/sec or faster
Max length of clips: Maximum file size is 4GB, if the clips exceeds 4GB new file is created. Max length is 29min59sec. The length of clips is between 5min(highest quality)-29min59(lower quality) depends on quality.
The built-in mic is monaural, connect external stereo microphone is possible

Movie sizes:

920×1080 (30p/25p/24p) / IPB : Approx. 235 MB/min.
1920×1080 (30p/25p/24p) / ALL-I : Approx. 685 MB/min.
1280×720 (60p/50p) / IPB : Approx. 205 MB/min.
1280×720 (60p/50p) / ALL-I : Approx. 610 MB/min.
640×480 (30p/25p) / IPB : Approx. 78 MB/m

Movie functions:

-There is a final image simulation function for movies, which is meant to show how the image will look like aperture, white balance, etc.
-Wind filter
-Sound recording adjustable to 64 levels
-Stills image shooting during video
Movie format: Mov or Mpeg 4 AVC
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Canon EOS 6D other parameters and features – Canon 6d specs

Start up time: 500 ms
Self timer: 2s, 10s

Canon EOS 6D standard accessories

-RF-3 Camera Cover
-IFC-200U USB Interface Cable – 6.9′ (1.9 m)
-LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1800mAh)
-Eyecup Eb
-LC-E6 Charger for LP-E6 Battery Pack
-AVC-DC400ST Stereo AV Cable
-Wide Neck Strap EW-EOS 6D
-Instruction manual and disks

Canon 6D alternatives

In Canon land there is not really an alternative, which is similar apart from the much more expensive Canon 5d Mk III, or the older Canon 5d MkII. In Nikon land the Nikon d610 is the competing camera.(The Nikon d600 has a defective parts which makes oil on the sensor). On paper the Nikon is better in things like dynamic range, low light ability, but in real world the Canon 6d is an extremely powerful camera. The decision perhaps is more based on lenses and systems. The pictures of this cameras produces are rather different, not in a good or bad way, more of how they look, but a matter of taste what you prefer: Canon looking or Nikon looking images. Sony also has Full frame cameras, and even mirrorless Full frame cameras as well, but it is very hard to compete with Canon or Nikon lens lineup.

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