Canon 5ds R release date review specs price rumor


Latest update: 02/09/2015

Canon 5ds R release date review specs price rumor

Canon 5ds and Canon 5ds R


DXO measured both Canon cameras and interestingly high ISO performance is similar to the performance of the Canon 6d performance. The dynamic range and the color depth is even better. According to DXO the Canon 5ds is a little bit better than the Canon 5ds R, surprisingly.

Item Canon 5ds Canon 5ds R Canon 7d II Canon 6d
High iso 2381 2308 1082 2340
Dynamic range 12.4 EV 12.4 EV 11.8 EV 12.1 EV
Color depth 24.7 bits 24.6 bits 22.4 bits 23.8 bits

Canon announced two 50.6 Megapixel Full frame cameras for this summer. It is interesting after Nikon released the D800 with a 36 Medapixel resolution Canon announced the 50.6 megapixel Canon 5ds and Canon 5ds R cameras. The difference between the two that for the second camera they somehow don’t include the AA filter. As I heard the filter is there physically, but not counted in the algorithm.

What is this huge pixel count good for ? Landscapes is the first thing I can think of. Canon also announced a new Canon 11-24mm f/4 lens, which perhaps designed with this camera in mind. There is a price of this small pixels though: high iso performance, which is expected to be lower than the other Canon Full frame cameras with significantly bigger pixels. Obviously Canon try to put the best in this camera, but the starting points is the Canon 7d Mk II performance.

Competition: the new Canon 7d II has a smaller sensor but with a same pixel size and resolution at aps-C size, plus a wider ISO range, faster better af system, and a dual pixel af. Interesting comparison. A Canon 7d Mk II cost 1700 USD.

Canon 5ds and Canon 5ds R cameras – specs

Canon 5 Ds photo parameters

Sensor size: FF 36 x 24 mm
Lens Mount: Canon EF (EF-s and M lenses excluded)
Pixel count: 50.6 megapixel total No of pixels: 53 Megapixel
ISO range : 100 – 6400 (50-12,800 in extended mode)
Shutter speed: 30s – 1/8000s + bulb
Autofocus system: 61/41 cross type points, 5 double cross type at f/2.8 and 1 cross type at f/8
the 7d II has 65 all cross type points.
Af range: – 12 + 18 EV
Shutter: electronically controlled, this is a new thing in Canon land. The camera controls electronically the shutter in order to avoid mirror vibrations.
Processing engine: Dual digic 6 it is very much needed for the huge files
Metering sensor: 150,000 dots + IR
Burst mode: 5 fps
USB 3.0

Canon 5 Ds functions

Crop modes: 1x, 1.3x, 1.6x
Bracketing: 2,3,7 frames max +-3EV, +1/3 or 1/2 steps
Af fine tuning for 40 different lenses can be saved all separately
Seems there is a flash with 1/200s synch speed
Time lapse movie
HDR images with 5 presets
Sensor cleaning system
Raw M-Raw S-Raw

Physical parameters

LCD screen: 1040k dots 3.2″ clear view type
LCD brightness: adjustable in 7 levels
Viewfinder: 0.71x, 100% coverage, 170 degree view angle
Dof preview button


The video is not as extraordinary with a HD video at 30 fps frame rate. Today most cameras comes with a HD with at a 60 fps frame rate, not to speak about 4K video in some cameras.
ISO range is 100 – 12,800.
No Dual pixel AF here according to our informations.

Canon 5ds and Canon 5ds R cameras – release date

The release date is summer 2015.

Canon 5ds and Canon 5ds R cameras – price

The initial price of the cameras 4000 and 4100 USD respectively. In the EU much more expensive.

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