Interesting Canon entry level cameras


Interesting Canon entry level cameras

interesting canon entry level cameras

Interesting Canon entry level cameras

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Canon entry level camera comparison

The table below is from the camera sensor comparison site. The table can be generated from cameras tab-compare up to three items and chose the three cameras the Canon 700d, Canon 650d, and Canon 600d. The table shows the measurement data of the above mentioned three cameras. What is interesting or I can say about it “strange” is the high iso performance of the three cameras. First this is not means that this cameras are not usable above the ISO number measured. I can easily use this cameras at 3200 iso or even higher in desperate cases. This numbers as I understand is meaning the pictures at noted iso speeds looks quite clean and usable at perhaps 100% magnification.
According to Dxomark the Canon 700d is the worst camera with a measured number of ISO 681, while the Canon 650d is significantly better (722), and the even older Canon 600d is even more better(893). If you interested the Canon 550d is little worse in this particular data(high iso), but generally even better(66 points vs 65 for picture quality) than the Canon 600d, the pre-production 550d is even better. The 500d is worse than the 550d, older cameras than 500d usually, the newer are better. What does it mean really? Seems Canon makes worse and worse entry-level cameras? I don’t know. I checked of curiosity Nikon entry line as well. See the table below. Here the table looks as someone expects, newer cameras are a little better.
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Canon compare to Nikon Interesting Canon entry level cameras

Seems the Nikons are better in low light ability, color depth and dynamic range as well. Knowing this is even more strange the datas of Canon cameras. The newer Canon 70d is a little better, than the entry-level models but not up to the recent Nikons. I checked Canon and Nikon cameras as well, but the thing is not so simple, datas simply doesn’t tell the whole story. Nikons are better in colour depth, some purple flower is blue in Canon camera, and Nikon are better to show colours of light colored flowers, than Canons. Canon shows better contrast though. The difference is not so dramatic according to me as the numbers show. The Canon 700d is better at ISO 3200, or 6400 than the Sony Nex3 which has better Dxo numbers.

Canon enthusiast line


The Canon 70d is better than the 60D which is expected. The Canon 70d also has a little better values than the older Canon 7d, especially high iso which is 854 for the Canon 7d.

What about the Canon 100d and new Canon 1200D?

The Canon 100D seems better, and the Canon 1200D is seems little better than the Canon 700d. It is strange why not up to the earlier models though. Unlike Nikon who puts the new sensors in entry level models which has better numbers than Canons, seems Canon differentiate cameras, putting them reduced quality sensors…

What about the new Canon 750d?

Perhaps this is a most interesting question to ask. It will be better than the Canon 550d or worse than the newest Canon 700d? We will see.

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