Canon 1300d release date review specification


Canon 1300d release date

Canon 1300d release date
The Canon 1300d camera coming soon. The camera will have a 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, the ISO sensitity can be adjusted between 100-6400 (12,800 in extended mode), can record HD video at 30 frames per second, and has a 920k dots 3″ sized LCD monitor. The camera has 9 af points out of which one is cross-type.

The camera can record 3 frames per second in burst mode.

The camera has Wifi and NFC.

The initial price of the camera is 400 EUR (body only, 460 (18-55 DC) or 520 Eur (18-55 is II) with 18-55mm lens).

Compare to the predecessor the difference is not huge, the LCD has better resolution, the camera has Wifi and NFC which allows us to upload images or videos or control the camera from an Android smartphone.

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How the new Canon 1300d will be look like? The new 20.2 pix sensor from the Canon 70D or the old 18 Mpix unit? What will be considered as an entry level camera in 2015? Seems Canon kept this entry line parallel with the smaller sized Canon 100D. The difference between this cameras are approximately 100-150g and 5-10% of size. The smaller Canon 100d is perhaps only better with a pancake lens attached, like the 40mm f/2.8 stm. To have more Canon pancake lens would be beneficial. Now Canon also has the 24mm f/2.8 pancake as well, for profiting the small size. The 24mm is more useful on the crop camera.

Canon 1300d release date

No information about the new Canon 1300d release date yet.
Seems the new Canon 1200d coming with the 18Mp sensor, with 460k dots LCD. Finally the entry level camera gets the 18Mp sensor. It was not even sure that this camera comes out, meanwhile the Canon 100d was released and was no announcement about the new Canon 1200D.

Specification guess

Photo parameters

Sensor size:22.3*14.9mm (Aps-C) No changes expected here
ISO range: 100 – 6400 ( 12,800 in extended mode ) No changes expected here
Dynamic range: 11.3 EV this is the weak point of the Canon cameras, would be nice at least 12 EV
Dxo high ISO score: 724 at least 800 would be nice, newest 7d II sensor is above 1000
Color depth: 21.9 bits No changes expected here
Sensor resolution:18 or 20 Mpixel ? No changes expected here
Image processor: Digic 4 No changes expected here
Cont shooting: 3 fps No changes expected here
Lens mount: Canon Ef, Ef-s No changes expected here
Sensor cleaning:yes No changes expected here
HDR: hope yes No changes expected here
Touch screen: I guess yes
Flipout screen: No would be nice
Wifi: ?

Video parameters

HD video ( 1920 x 1080 / 30 fps ) 4K video is not really likely. 60 fps frame rate would be nice to have

Physical parameters

Sensor format: Aps -C No changes expected here
Crop factor: 1.6 No changes expected here
Sensor size: 22.9 x 14.9 mm No changes expected here
Sensor type: CMOS No changes expected here
Size: 129 x 99 x 77 mm No changes expected here
Weight: 480 g ( 16.93 oz.) No changes expected here
LCD: 460 K dots, 1040K would be nice here as well No changes expected here


Live view: yes
Video recording: yes
HDR: yes
Lens focus motor in camera: yes ( entry level Nikon cameras lacks )
Flash: yes
Flipout screen: No
Android and ios app for tutorials: yes
Creative filters: yes
In camera stabilizer: No

As an entry level camera will be some cutback in functions or performance, but at this time the specification is not yet known. This is a good sign that the new Canon 1200d got a better LCD and a 18Mp sensor unit.

Canon 1300D Price

No information about the Canon 1300D price yet, but it will be cheaper than the “bigger” models.

Canon 1300d functions

The big question does the new camera will get the dual pixel AF technology which first occured in the Canon 70d? Everybody agrees it will soon appear in all Canon dsrl cameras, but currently only available in the Canon 70d.

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