Induro At 313 Tripod


Induro At 313 Tripod

Induro At 313 tripod

Induro At 313 Tripod
Official name:

Induro Alloy 8M AT 313 Tripod

Introduction – Tripods in general

I cannot imagine a serious photographer without the tripod. Is the tripod necessary? It is possible to photograph without tripods as well, but tripods have extend the possibilities in photography a bit, and increase creativity. Some examples why is good to have tripods:

-Night time, long exposure shots with base iso(iso 100).
-Artistic shots include the water
Macro photography with small apertures
-Using lower iso settings
-Using small apertures in general
-Using lower shutter speeds for lower better iso speeds for long lenses (tripods doesn’t freeze action if the shutter speed is too low, and the subject is moving, only possible to make sharp shots of still subjects)
-Astro photography
-Low light photography
-Video recording

Slowest shutter speeds with Tripod



Induro At 313 tripod+Induro BHS2 ballhead Canon 30d camera 560mm lens(Canon 200mm f/2.8+Canon 2x Mk II+ Kenko 1.4dgx) f/13 iso 100 1/3s Normally for this shot needed a shutter speed of 1/560*1.6s=1/900s. I am not sure anyone can make this sharp shot at 1/900s with the 560mm lens handheld, from this distance(25-30m), perhaps at 1/1600s. Let’s calculate:1/3s at iso100 means 1/6s at iso 200, 1/12s at iso 400, 1/24s at iso 800, 1/48s at iso 1600, 1/96s at iso 3200, 1/192s at iso 6400, seems this shot is absolutely hopeless without using the tripod. If a non-moving owl (for 1/3s) sitting on the roof, the tripod is perhaps the only chance to make this photo. On the other hand I am not able to make such sharp photo at this focal length at 1/3s with a tripod everytime I try it, but around 1/30s-1/60s I can quite consistently possible to make sharp photos at this focal length. It is still a big gain compare to the handheld 1/1000-1/1600s I would otherwise chose, meaning I can use much lower iso speeds for non-moving subjects.

With tripods there is no limit. You can make sharp shots with any shutter speed, but between 1/30s-1-2s is the most difficult. This is why the tripods has a very good value in photography, because it extends the limits considerably. Without tripods ususally, 1/focal length shutter speed is needed to make sharp shots on a Full frame camera, 1.5/1.6 faster on Aps-C or Dx cameras.

induro at 313
Careful attention to detail

When the tripod is not necessary

Not everybody like tripods especially tripods are very uncomfortable if you move frequently and makes photos at the same time. In this cases I sometimes use “duopod” setup, which mean fix to legs to a desired level, the third one keep in up position. This setup let me not use the ballhead but framing with tilting the two legs simply. In bright sunlight with big apertures the tripod is not necessary, as well in many other circumstances. If we have enough shutter speed, we don’t need the tripod usually, but with long telephoto lenses for distant objects definitely helps.

Introduction – Induro At 313 Tripod

The Induro At 313 is an excellent Tripod at a very good price. I wanted to have a really sturdy tripod for wildlife photography to use with long lenses. Weight was not on my priority list, because I plan to mostly go with car, and not hiking with the tripod. After some market search my choice narrowed to the Manfrotto 055 XProb and the Induro At 313 tripods. Why this models ? I’m approximately 6″ tall (183cm) and want a very sturdy, strong tripod to minimize camera shake. The Manfrotto is approximately 10-15 percent more expensive than the Induro AT 313 tripod.

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Manfrotto 055xProb vs Induro At 313

I think both tripods are very good in terms of price/performance.
Both Tripods has three leg sections.

The differences:
-The Manfrotto has an ability to turn the central column in vertical position, the Induro stays as it is.
-It is perhaps strange, but I thought the Manfrotto is not stable enough for my liking, especially with the center column at the highest position(which is needed for my height).
-The Induro is little higher and feels more stable.
-The Manfrotto has clips leg fixing, while the Induro has twist type leg locks. The clips is a better solution according to me, but I can get used to the twist locks as well, one twist one direction, another in another direction. The only problem is to remember the directions.
-The Manfrotto goes more close to the ground.
-The Induro without the central column lifted is at my eye level, the Manfrotto is a little shorter.
-The Induro has spikes in the kit, the Manfrotto seems only plastic end of the legs. I better like the spikes, because I plan to use the tripod almost every time outside.

To sum both tripods has very good value. One can change which likes most. I choose the Induro because of the cheaper price, higher legs, the excellent finish and more stable construction.

Technical datas – Induro At 313 Tripod

-Leg sections:3
-No of leg positions:3 (24,50,80 degree)
-Maximum Height:158/175cm
-Minimum Height:18.6/63.5cm
-Max load capacity: 15kg

Standard accessories – Induro At 313 Tripod

-Induro At 313 tripod
-Delux carry case and strap
-3 metal spikes
Induro at 313 tripod

Other Induro models

I checked in the process the Induro At 213 and the Induro At 413 tripods as well. Obviously the At 413 is even more strong and stable, and higher as well. The At 213 is also very good as well, seems very sturdy with center column in upper position it is also around my eye level, but I prefer the bigger, more stable model, even if it is a little higher than me. I though about it after checking it is also good enough, but I don’t want the risk to buy something not stable enough, and after buy a new one again. In size the At 213 would better fit to my height. The joints and the top plate was more reassuring of the At 313.

Tripod heads

Basically all tripods has the same screw connection, which means you can use any type of heads on any tripods as you like. Better check before buy though perhaps there are some models which not fit to this pattern. You can use the native Induro or Manfrotto, and all other types you like. I get the native Induro BHS2 ball head, which has a very good price as well.

Usage experiences

Seems the Induro At 313 works as expected. The height with all three legs in the extended position is significantly higher than my height(6″ 1.83m). It would even be better if it would be only two sections with little more length. In some situations the extra height is useful. I can use only two sections and lift the center column to my height as well. If I want to fix the lower section, the tripod needs to be little extended. I bought a cheap ballhead as well with the legs which had a problem after a half year, they changed it for free. I asked what was the problem, they say perhaps I tighten with too much power, the second one has no problem, I try to not tighten too strongly. The center column has a closing cup (down part), which is little wider than the rod itself, which can make marks on the foam of the legs if I close the legs to tightly. If I put a heavy camera+lens(2kg+) combo and want to move with the tripod, the added weight is noticable. This tripod is better for relatively static usage. The tripod has three positions, if you don’t care enough and try to fix a middle position (there are three engravings in the center part of the tripod (spider) according to three positions, which connects with the legs, where there is a moving joint element the black painting can be scratched from the metal if the element on the legs is not in proper position.

Induro At 313 pros

-excellent value
-rock solid
-very nice finish
-nice case
-spikes and tools as well supplied
-ability to hang extra weight

Induro At 313 Cons

-twist locks
-can be heavy for some
-not so versatile as the Manfrotto
-relatively longer assembled

Bottom line

The Induro At 313 tripod is Highly recommended ! This is currently (arguably depend on budget and usage) the best value tripod in the market.

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