Nikon 105mm micro vr lens review


Nikon 105mm micro vr lens review

Nikon 105mm micro vr lens review

Nikon 105mm micro vr lens review

Nikon 105mm vr
Nikon 105mm vr f/16 1/160 sec iso 1000 Nikon d7000 camera

Nikon 105mm vr review

The Nikon 105mm vr is a relatively new lens on the market.

Nikon 105mm vr lens f/16 1/200s iso 1000 Nikon d7000

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Official name

Micro-Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED VR

Nikon 105mm vr specification

Minimal focus distance:0.314m
Max reproduction ration: 1x
Aperture blades:9 rounded
Filter size:62mm, screw on non rotating
Optical formula:14 elements in 12 groups
Hood: petal-shaped Nikon HB-38
Size: 116x83mm
Af: Silent wave
Constant physical size
Nano christal coat
Internal focusing
ED glass
Compatible for Af-s converters

Nikkor 105mm


The 105mm is a Full frame lens: compatible both Full frame and Dx.


If you want to categorize it the Nikon 105mm Vr is a Top of the line product.

Nikon 105mm vr range

On Aps-C the 105mm is an excellent short telephoto range, good for portraits and macro as well.

White balance cap

The lens has an interesting white balance cap.
nikon 105mm

Nikon 105mm vr build quality

The lens has an excellent build quality. The lens a little bit fat compare to what I expected. The hood makes the lens really long.


Autofocus is quick, precise and silent. There is a limiter at 0.5m.


There are three switches: vr on-ff, manual focus and the focus limiter.
nikon 105mm lens

Nikon 105mm vr optical quality

The lens is simply fantastic. This lens is so good, almost all other lenses look crap compare to it. When I see through the viewfinder I see this lens has excellent clarity. The colours seems more saturated on the D7000 camera than in the reality but this is perhaps because of the camera settings.
Nikon 105mm2

Sweet spot

The lens is sharpest at f4, which means it is a really fast lens. Not bad even at f2.8.


nikon 105mm vr bokeh

Price/performance ratio

This is not a cheap lens, but for this performance if you really can use up to it’s potential, worth it.

Compare to/rivals

There are lots of other macro lenses available in the market, and none of them are bad actually. Considering the price the Nikkor 200mm f4 or Sigma 150mm lenses come in to my mind, or the Tamron or Sigma 180mm lenses. The competition is fierce. Although the 105mm vr seems better the difference is not huge compare to the competition, and some of them are longer which is perhaps preferred. If cheaper versions is also interesting the Tamron 90mm or the original Nikkor 105 or 85mm or the Sigma 105mm (there are three versions, the last is very good) are the rivals.


The Nikon 105mm vr is an excellent lens. So good I had a hard time to give it back :), which is not happens with me many times. If you need and has the budget for it, it is highly recommended !

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