Nikon 14 24mm f2.8


Nikon 14 24mm f2.8

Nikon 14 24mm f2.8

Nikon 14 24mm f2.8 side

Nikon 14 24mm f2.8

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The Nikon 14 24mm f2.8 is a legendary lens, it’s sharpness is unique. It is a pricey Full frame lens, for it’s price one can easily buy a used car for example. The most interesting is the 14mm wide end of this lens. On a full frame camera it gives a really wide angle.

Nikon 14 24mm f2.8 specifications:

Focal length:14-24mm

Max aperture: f2.8

Minimal focus distance: 28cm

Aperture blades:9(rounded)


Optical formula:14 elements in 11 groups, inc 2 ED, and 3 aspherical elements

Filters: filter usage not possible

Hood: built in type, petal shaped

Nikon 14 24mm f2.8 front


Manual focus or Autofocus.

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Classification of the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8

If you want to classify this lens, this is the Top of the line product.

What is this lens good for ?

It is a fast, ultra wide angle lens, this means this lens is good for lots of purposes. Landscapes, internal shots in small rooms, everywhere where this wide angle is preferred. Dramatic landscapes on a hilltop, pictures of a stage from close distances.

Mechanical quality

It is not small or light but very nice mechanically, everything works as it should. The huge bended front element allows the f/2.8 amount of light to enter the lens. Autofocus is quick and silent, not really noticable.

Optical quality

It is a Full frame lens, but I checked it on a Dx camera. The Nikon d7100 is a 24Mp Aps-C sized camera. If it were a Full frame it has to have 54 megapixels. This lens is excellent, sharp at f2.8 already. At 14mm is sharper than at 24mm (as it is required). The files of the Nikon d7100 of this lens are sharp even at 100%, which is a unique feature. Chromatic aberration I don’t see, but the camera correct it automatically. Distortion is pronounced but can be corrected with software, because it is not so complicated type.

Nikon 14 24mm f2.8 at f2.8
Nikon 14 24 at f/2.8 Nikon d7100 click to see in 2000 Pixel


Excellent lens, almost a technical miracle, better than almost anything that is available today, excellent sharpness even wide open


Huge, heavy(not so much) and expensive, no filter or protection is possible, flare is more pronounced as it is usual for wide angle lenses.

Bottom line:

An awesome lens from Nikon, highly recommended. The price more fit to pros though. I don’t think I am going to buy such a lens in a near future, if I really need it, I would rent it. If you need it, and has a budget for it it would be hard to find a better lens.

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