Nikon 70 210


Nikon 70 210

nikon 70 210
Nikon 70 210 on a Nikon D7000 camera

nikon 70 210 extended

Nikon 70 210
Official name

Nikon 70-210mm f/4-5.6 AF this lens also has a “AF-D” version, which is a little better in terms of autofocus speed and metering.
The optics of the two lens are identical.

The lens has a constant f/4 version which is not a subject of this review.

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It is interesting to check the lenses from the past. Usually they are cheap, and many cases not worse than the newer lenses available in the market.

Nikon 70 210 f/4-5.6 specification

Optical formula:12 elements/9 groups
Focal length:70-210mm
Max Aperture: f/4-5.6
Aperture blades:7
Close focus distance:around 1.2m
Weight: 590g
Filter size:62mm
Compatibility: Higher end Nikon bodies with autofocus motor, older film cameras. On a Nikon d7000 picture datas like aperture, and shutter speed can be seen in Exif.


The lens works fine on the Nikon d7000 camera. On entry level bodies without motor, the autofocus doesn’t work, I am not sure of metering either. This doesn’t mean you cannot use it, but it perhaps not worth it. So perhaps if it is possible, check before buy.

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Optical quality

This lens has a decent, sharp optics. The performance is quite good even wide open. Contrast and colours are also very good. I see no chromatic abberation, but perhaps because the camera corrects it automatically. Distortion is not really visible. The quality seems quite similar in any focal length and apertures. Of course at smaller apertures the quality decreases because of diffraction issues. To have significantly better image quality at this range one can enter in the really top offerings, with significantly more price.

nikon 70 210 2

nikon 70 210

nikon 70 210 3
nikon 70 210 4


Obviously a lens with f/5.6 max aperture won’t makes a nice buttery bokeh as a lens with an f/2.8 aperture does, but as a telephoto lens able to make nice background blur if the subject is near and the background is relatively more far.
nikon 70 210
nikon 70 210 6
nikon 70 210 7

Build quality

The build quality of the Nikon 70 210 f/4-5.6 is very solid, the lens made of metal.

Mechanical quality

The lens has a push pull design. Some people like it, others are not. Instead of rotating the zoom ring, simply needs to push or pull the lens for zooming. Some people arguing about these sucks dust in the lens. I actually like this design, better than rotating the ring, so much simpler. My old Soligor 100-400 lens also has this construction.


The autofocus is a usual screw-drive type system. The speed of the autofocus is very good, just perhaps a mark behind of the newer silent Swm system. The newer AF-D version is even better. The autofocus is not silent, but has a usual bzz sound. The autofocus accuracy is very good, even on the old copy of the lens, I made no misfocused shot.


-Solid build quality
-Good optical performance
-Decent speed
-Push pull design


-Used, perhaps harder to find a copy in decent conditions
-Range is not so wide like 70-300 lenses


On a tight budget this lens is a very good bargain. One can get this lens very cheaply.

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