Nikon d400 release date


Nikon d400 release date

Nikon d400 release date
The legendary Nikon d300 – Will it have a successor ?

Nikon d400 release date

Last update: 18/01/2016

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The good news is the new Nikon d500 is coming. Nikon skipped the Nikon d400, but the pro level DX seems continuing. Click on the link to read about the new powerhouse from Nikon. ISO 1.6 Million 153/99 af points, and many other features.

There is still a place for the Nikon D400

As I see there is still a place for the Nikon d400 camera. It would be wonderful with the state-of-the-art 24 Megapixel Dx sensor. Better build, better buffer, fast and accurate perhaps new Af system. As I see Canon has released the new Canon 7d Mk II, it inherited a really fast and accurate af system of the Canon 1D X.

How it would be like the new Nikon D400 ?

The good starting point can be the new Canon 7d Mk II.


Where the Nikon is stronger at least according to my opinion is the sensor. The Nikon has less noise and better dynamic range and also better color response at Dx sensor size for sure. The latest 24 Megapixel unit is very nice. So a good sensor is a given for the new camera.


A nice grip and tough build quality. The grip of the d7xxx cameras are not as comfortable as the Full frame models or the Canons.

AF system

More cross-type points and af points at the edges of the frame as well. The Canon 7d II has 65 all cross-type points and as far as I know a double cross type in the center. The new Nikon d7200 focuses up to -3EV, which is quite proper I think. The center point is usable up to f/8 or even f/11 would be nice to use lenses with teleconverters.

Flicker reduction

The new Canon 7d Mk II has a flicker reduction in artificial light. The function helps to make pictures in a best possible period. This function is perhaps not the most missing though, but good for those who shoot lot indoors, like weddings, or other events.


The GPS not a must have according to my opinion, and drains the battery out. Some people my like though

Electronic compass

Electronic compass is also not essential according to my thinking. It can be used to record a direction of the shot, and together with the GPS the exact location and such which can be useful for landscapes, if we don’t remember where we made the picture.


Most newer cameras has a HDR function, but it is possible to make HDR images with programs like Photomatix as well.

New Nikon D7200

Seems Nikon released the new Nikon d7200 camera with a bigger buffer, no news about the Nikon d400. The Nikon d7200 is the same line as the previous Nikon d7100 same category, and looks very similar as well.

Nikon d400 release date update Nikon d400
Nikon d9300 would be the new New Nikon d300

Seems there is a rumour about a new Nikon d9300 camera which is suggested to be the Nikon d300 successor instead of the Nikon d400.

Still everythink quiet about this camera but seems many people interested about it. As I see here, and other photography websites as well, there is a market for this product.

This camera is what perhaps many Nikon enthusiast photographer looking for. The Nikon d300/d300s was an excellent camera, released four years ago, but today are little bit outdated especially its high iso capability. The new Nikon d7100 is an excellent new camera but perhaps not the same line as the older D300/D300s. No proper info about the release date and the specification yet. Nikon has the strongest Full Frame camera line today, perhaps now they can focus on their DX camera line as well.

New wave of announcements coming from Nikon in September perhaps we can have some info about the possibly upcoming Nikon D400 prosumer camera. The release of the Nikon d400 is not sure, perhaps Nikon thinks the d7100 is the camera that comes into the place of the d300. Many people think that there is a place for the d400 especially that the d7100 has a small buffer, and the lack the pro quality built many people lacks. I think Nikon has everything as the Sensors concerned, the relatively new Nikon D7100 has an excellent 24 Mpixel sensor, with good dynamic range and good colour depth.

Canon make a new front with their Canon 70D dual pixel autofocus technology it is interesting what Nikon going to put in the New D400. Seems Nikon wait until Canon 70d or the new Canon 7d Mk II is released what is also uncertain when is going to happen. Seems Canon 70d is released.


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