Pentax 1.4x teleconverter – HD Pentax DA 1.4x AW AF


Pentax 1.4x teleconverter

Pentax 1.4x teleconverter

Pentax 1.4x teleconverter
Pentax 1.4x teleconverter official name

The official name is HD Pentax-DA 1.4x AW AF REAR CONVERTER

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What is this teleconverter does?

Teleconverters usually makes the lenses longer. The 1.4X teleconverter makes the lens 1.4x longer, the 100mm lens will be 140mm, the 200mm will be 280mm the 300mm lens will be 420mm, the 400mm lens will be 560mm and so on. Usually teleconverters are works best with longer prime lenses of 135mm of focal length or longer or with high quality long zoom lenses. The other implication of the 1.4 teleconverter is that the lens will be 1 stop darker. The f/4 lens will be f/5.6, the f/2 lens will be f/2.8 and so on. Usually 1.4x converters gives very good results if connected to high quality lenses like for example the Pentax 300mm f/4.

Pentax 1.4x teleconverter features

Ricoh promises flawless autofocus performance, both for camera– or lens-driven(Sdm or Dc) autofocus systems. The camera’s firmware needs updated before using autofocus function. The converter features antireflective multilayer HD coating, which helps in all kinds of lighting situations to reduce reflectance inside the lens. The converter is designed to optimize the best performance for maintaining contrast and sharpness of the main lens.

Pentax 1.4x teleconverter compatibility

Compatible camera bodies are: K-3, K-50, K-30, K-5 II, K-5 II s, K-5, K-01, K-7, and K-r. Autofocus is possible with a PENTAX lens having maximum aperture of f/4 or brighter. According to this the converter doesn’t work with third party lenses.

Pentax 1.4x teleconverter usability

The converter is designed for outdoor usage. The manufacturer claims dust and waterproof construction, which is very useful for example in wildlife and sports photography.

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