Samsung WB 2200F new superzoom camera


Samsung WB 2200F new superzoom camera from Samsung

Samsung Wb 2200F

Samsung WB 2200F new superzoom camera from Samsung
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For people like superzoom cameras(like me) the new Samsung WB 2200F camera will have a 60x(!) optical zoom range for playing hopefully with a good stabilizer and decent image quality. The new camera features a 20mm Full frame equivalent wide angle which is a quite unique feature. This 20mm is equivalent of a 12.5mm lens on Aps-C cameras. This is a very wide angle. Not realistic to expect a spectacular performance at this wide angle though, but this wide angle is still very useful. The 1200mm is very long you can take a close portrait photo from 30-40 meters. The usual problem with this long lenses that needs a bright sunlight to make decent pictures with this long lens. Usually this very long lenses has moderate brightness which doesn’t help to make sharp shots, and compact cameras are only useful usually in low iso speeds, which would also not helps to freeze action. If the camera has good high iso capability can helps with long lenses, but usually this small sensored cameras not very good at high iso speeds. This very long lens is very interesting though, even to look through it, and check distant actions, or make video with it.

Samsung WB 2200F availability

The new Samsung superzoom not released yet, only available for pre-order at some retailers.

The price of the new Samsung WB 2200F

The price of the new Samsung WB 2200F seems around 450 USD/Eur.

Samsung WB 2200F specifications

The new camera Samsung WB 2200F has a Full manual controll available.

Optical zoom: 20-1200mm – really wide angle, very long telephoto
Sensor size:1/2.3″
Sensor:16 Mpixel BSI-Cmos 1/2.3″
Video: Full HD – 1920*1080/30fps video
LCD: 3″

Samsung WB 2200F functions

-1 Touch synch to smartphone
-Control by smartphone via remote viewfinder

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