Tamron 16-300mm samples


Tamron 16-300mm samples

Many shots are not precise regarding focus. This is more problem at longer focal lengths.

IMG_8046C30d Tamron 16 300mm vc at f/8 73mm 1/200s, 800 pixel 440 KByte
IMG_8064Canon 30d Tamron 16-300mm vc at ISO400 f/5 52mm 1/640s 800 pixel 344.9 kByte
tamron 16-300mm16mm f/8 ISO 400 1/250s sharpness is not bad at f/6 there is some purple fringing here and there at high contrast areas
tamron 16-300mm 12Daylight shot directly in the sun, flare is very well controlled, no artifacts, ghosting, colored dots
According to me the lens produces the most interesting results at 150 – 300mm focal length for close up shots

at wide angle must stopped down for sharp corners at f/8 preferably

at 300mm is respectable but don’t expect miracles, the autofocus is not really nail the focus at 300mm according to my experience, but the overall sharpness is not bad at all at the center

Tamron 16 300mm samples277mm ISO 100 1/200s f/6.3 1437 pixel 932 KByte
tamron 16-300mm 11C30d Tamron 16-300mm f/4.5 39mm 1/400s ISO 640
tamron 16-300mm 1039mm f/4.5 no sharpening
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