Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review model B005


Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review

Tamron 17-50 vc canon review
Tamron 17-50 vc and Tamron 17-50 non Vc

Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review
Official name – Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review

The official name is Tamron Sp AF 17-50mm f/2.8 xr di II Vc Ld Aspherical (IF)

Tamron 17-50 vc canon review

Legend – Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review

Asp – Aspherical elements
Sp – Special performance
Di – Digitally integrated for Film and Full frame cameras
Di II – Digital for Aps-C sized sensors only
Di III – Digital for Mirrorless cameras
Xr – Extra refractive glass
Ld – Low dispersion glass
Xld – Extra low dispersion glass
IF – Internal focusing
Vc – Vibration compensation (image stabilizer)
USD – Ultrasonic silent drive
PZD – Piezonic drive
ZL – Zoom lock, prevent the zoom creeping during transportation

Introduction – Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review

The Tamron 17-50 Vc is a new version of the highly popular Tamron 17-50 non Vc lens. This lens has a vibration control (image stabilization) feature which allows the lens used better in low light for still subjects. This lens is optically not indentical with the earlier version. This is interesting why the new Tamron 17-50 vc version is not identical with the earlier, very popular lens?

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Differences in short compare to the earlier model

If you used the earlier model the Tamron 17-50 non Vc, perhaps this short description can help. The new modell is bigger and heavier, but optically not identical with the earlier version. On laboratory measurements the older modell is better especially wider apertures and longer focal length. In real word in practical usage the difference is not really so obvious. What is more obvious is the bigger weight, and size (72mm filter instead of 67m), and the stabilizer. The stabilizer pulls the lens and need to wait a little, other case blur the picture with the movement. In good light better to turn the stabilizer off.

Specifications – Tamron 17-50 Vc Canon review

Optical formula:19 elements in 14 groups, 2x Xr elements, 2 x Low dispersion and 3x aspherical elements
Focal length:17-50mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Aperture blades:7 rounded
Magnification: 1:4.8
Close focus distance: 0.29m
Weight: 570g
Filter size:72mm non rotates
Compatibility: Aps-C
Available mounts: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax


The 17-50mm focal range is a usual general usage range, good for almost anything except long telephoto applications like wildlife or bird photography. The 17mm wide end is very useful but not really wide, like ultra wide angle lenses which has a focal lenght around 10mm, or even wider fisheye lenses.

Optical quality

The lens is capable to make excellent images. Thanks to the usage of plenty of exotic glass elements, the images are very sharp, as the earlier version. Colours are also nice and saturated, contrast is also very good.
Tamron 17-50 vc canon review
Tamron 17-50 vc 35mm f/5.6 Canon 30d camera
Tamron 17-50 vc canon review 2
Tamron 17-50 vc 17mm f/8 Canon 30d camera

General knowledge to this lens

The stabilizer need some practice to use it properly. Seems it is an effective unit, but if we don’t use properly easily can blur the otherwise sharp images as well. In good light I think anyway not really needed for this focal lengths.


The f/2.8 aperture helps to have nice bookeh of the lens.

Mechanical quality

Unfortunately the new lens also uses the same micromotor as the earlier version. The speed is ok, but little noisy. The build quality is also good, but not up to pro lenses.


There are three switches on the camera body. Zoom lock, it blocks zoom creeping, AF or Manual focus, Stabilizer on-off.

Lens fabrication

The lens made in Japan.


There are many: Canon 15-85mm, 17-55mm, Sigma 17-70mm, Sigma 17-50mm lenses. The Canons has different colour rendition and USM focusing. Some Sigma also has hsm motor, but perhaps the Tamron better optically. Overall the Tamron has good performance, but Canon’s Usm drive is a big plus. The Tamron is good against flare, usually better than the competition.


The non-Vc version is cheaper, this way has better price/performance value. The new lens more useful in low light. Compare to Canons or Sigmas the Tamron has very good overall value.


Very good picture quality
Good build quality


At 50mm, and wider apertures in the corner the earlier version is a little better
Bigger and heavier than the non-Vc


The Tamron 17-50 vc is a very good lens, with a good price/performance ratio. If someone want usm drive needs to pay little bit more for the Canon lenses.

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