Canon 28mm 2.8

Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

canon 28mm 2.8 is

Introduction – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

This lens has a predecessor a non-is version of the Canon 28mm which is a much cheaper lens. The newer lens has updated optics, with low chromatic aberration which was a problem with the older lens.
This lens can function as a normal prime lens on Aps-C or wider lens on Full frame cameras. The focal length is more useful on FF cameras though according to my opinion, where the 28mm is a very useful range.

Specification – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

Focal length range: 28mm
Optical formula: 9 lens elements in 7 groups included 1x aspherical element
Brightness: f/2.8
Minimum focusing distance: 0.23m (9′)
Weight: 260g (9.17 oz)
Dimensions: App. 68.4 x 51.5cm (27 x 20″)
Aperture diaphragm blades: 7
Magnification: 1:5
Filter thread: 58mm (non-rotating)

Build quality – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

This is a very enjoyable small and light lens. I test many larger lenses recently after this small lens is a real joy to have. The lens has reasonable build quality without breaking the bank. The lens has two switches, one switch autofocus manual focus, other switch is for stabilizer on-off. In good light better to turn off the stabilizer as I had several blurred shots in good sunlight. It can also be because of the autofocus which is a USM drive, which is for me a little hard to get used to on this wide angle lens.

Optical quality – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

This is a nice lens with nice optical quality but without any sensation, like the newer Sigma Art lenses for example. For this high price I would expect sensational quality for this simple on focal lens. By only checking the results I am not very much impressed. Pictures are sharp even wide open, but I can imagine better contrast for a prime lens. It is not means that this lens has weak contrast, but I would like to have more punch. For achieve this perhaps some UD elements would be necessary. Vignetting is expected on Full frame cameras around 1.8 Ev wide open, than smaller amounts.
canon 28 2.8 4
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Stabilizer – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

The stabilizer is nice to have but for this focal length I think not really add high value. For landscapes usually tripod is needed anyway, for people and moving things doesn’t help.

Bokeh – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

Bokeh is nice despite the low focal length, which is a nice achievement
canon 28 2.8 1
canon 28 2.8 3

Verdict – Canon 28mm 2.8 is review

The Canon 28mm is a very nice lens, but not exceptional according to my judgement. Sharpness is good from f/2.8, the lens is small and light, which makes it quite enjoyable. Chromatic aberration is low, heavy vignetting is expected for Full frame cameras. Bokeh is also very nice (but not as good as the bokeh of longer lenses), which is rare at this focal length. For Aps-C cameras doesn’t give any extra over the excellent Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, or the new also excellent Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, on Full frame I would buy the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art instead, which is fairly bigger, but a very sharp f/1.4 lens.

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