Canon 400mm f/4 DO II release date specs price

Canon 400mm f/4 DO II

canon 400mm f4 do ii

Canon will release the new version of the 400mm f/4 DO lens, the Canon 400mm f/4 DO II. The lens was announced in Photokina 2014.
The lens has a “Third generation gaplass DO Dual layer dual-layered optical element. The whole thing is like gen technology. The lens has gratings to better collect light to enable the lens to be smaller. Former design has only one side gratings (concentric circles from front), the new technology uses two grated lenses perfectly gaplessly fit together, as both of them grated at the facing surface. Formerly the air gap has degraded image quality of the former lens. The currently lens MTF curve looks almost perfect in terms of contrast and sharpness as well. MTF 30 is contrast, usually the thick line, the dotted line is sharpness. Seems both on almost 100%, which is quite unique.

Canon 400mm f/4 DO II features

– FTM (Full time manual override) is instantly switching between Manual and Af mode, this feature I missed long time ago, as far as I know this will be the first Canon lens with this feature.

-9 aperture blades

-Dust and moisture resistant

-Power focus mode

Canon 400mm f/4 DO II specification

Angle of view: 5°10′ degree
Apert. range: f4-22
Filt. size: 52 mm drop in
Lens/elements: 18 lens groups in 12 groups including ED glass, Aspherical element, and Hybrid aspherical element
Minimum focus distance: 3.3m (10.83′)
Max magnification: 0.13
Max magnification with 12mm: 0,17-0,03
Max magnification with 25mm: 0,22-0,07
Weight: 2100g
No of aperture blades: 9
Max diameter:128 mm
Length: 232 mm
Autofocus: yes
Exif data: yes
Dust/moisture resistance: yes
autofocus : ring-type ultrasonic motor
Compatibility: Canon EF and EF-s mounts
Lens hood: ET-120 (WII)
Canon 400mm f/4 DO II release date

The release date of the new Canon 400mm f/4 DO II is not yet known.

Canon 400mm f/4 DO II price

The initial price of the new Canon 400mm f/4 DO II lens is 6900 USD.

Canon 400mm f/4 DO II acessories
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