Sigma 18-300 mm DC MACRO OS HSM Contemporary


Sigma 18-300 mm DC MACRO OS HSM Contemporary

The Sigma 18-300 mm lens is will be available in Canon Nikon Pentax Sony Sigma mounts.

Sigma 18-300 mm DC MACRO OS HSM Contemporary

Sigma 18-300 mm DC MACRO OS HSM Contemporary
sigma 18-300 mm dg os hsm


Sigma is announced the new Sigma 18-300 mm DC MACRO OS HSM Contemporary lens which is a do it everything superzoom lens for crop sensor cameras. The “C” sign refers to contemporary which is a newest moniker from Sigma together with “A” art and “S” sports. Sigma lately totally reinvent itself. Some of their newest products are nothing short of phenomenal products makes photographers interesting all around the planet. Contemporary lenses released up to date from Sigma are sports with excellent build quality. Obviously such an extreme zoom lens hardly can compete with narrower range and prime lenses. The weakest part of this lenses are the brightness usually, they meant for outdoor use. A usual characteristics of such a “superzoom lens” on a Dslr camera is strong distortion at the wide end, and soft corners at different focal lengths. The good news is very good image sharpness usually at the center of the frame at shorter focal lengths. The weakest spot is usually the long end of the lens. These lenses are usually very convenient and Sigma has a quick and silent ultrasonic focusing system which helps to get quality results.

Available mounts

Will be available for Canon, Nikon, Sony mounts.

Why is this lens is so interesting?

At the point is not really interesting partly because the Tamron is 2mm wider, but can be interesting if Sigma apply some “magic” which happened several times in the past, like at the Sigma 18-35, Sigma 35 /1.4 lenses. Superzoom lenses are not the best optically, but if they cheap and light can be good for a walkaround lens outdoors.

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Specifications – Sigma 18-300mm

-Focal length:18-300mm – very useful range
-Max aperture:f/3.5-6.3
-Min aperture:f/22-40
-Number of diaphragm: 7 rounded
-Lens formula: 17 optical elements in 13 groups included special elements
Filter size: 72mm
-Maximum diameter No info
-Length:79*101.5 mm (3.11 * 4 in)
-Weight:584g (20.6 oz)
-Minimal focus distance:0.39m (15.3″), magnification 1:3, 1:2 with an additional macro adapter (AML 72-01)
-Compatible with USB dock
-Several of exotic glass (4 FLS, 1 SLD glass)

Specifications, appearance, functionality, etc. may be changed without prior notice.
Length and weight are based on figures for the Nikon-mount lens.
* Length is the distance between the front tip of the lens and the mount face.

Standard Accessories

-Petal shaped lens hood

Price – Sigma 18-300mm

Price of the new Sigma 18-300mm is 580 dollar at the beginning of sales.

Availability – Tamron 18-300mm

Availability of the new Sigma 18-300mm is reported in 2014.


The Tamron 16-300mm is perhaps the direct competitor of the Sigma 18-300 mm lens. The extra two millimeter on the Tamron is preferred. Perhaps the autofocus and the build quality is better at the Sigma. The stabilizers are perhaps similar, the most interesting question is the optical quality. Up to now Tamron makes better ultrazooms than Sigma. But who knows in later times Sigma has lots of success, perhaps the new Sigma 18-300 is perhaps better than the Tamron or the Tamron is better? We only know when the Sigma 18-300 is released.


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