Best telescope for bird photography ? AP 130 GT

Astro Physics 130 Gran Turismo (AP 130 GT)


What is this ? This 130mm (this not the focal length but a diameter of the tube, the focal length is 819mm) f6,3 optics for 6275 dollars (at the writing of this article) has a very good reputation. Year(s?) needs to wait for have a new one. Obvious candidate for wildlife, and telephoto photography this lens said to be sharper than the legendary Canon 800mm f5,6 or 500 f4,5 with 2x extender. Obviously not autofocusing like a DSRL camera lens, but an interesting option can be for someone.

The optics like this obviously not very hand-holdable, but with the long focal length can be very usable, with the option of greater magnification as well. This can be very useful in bird photography, other possible usage is Astro photography. Astro physics also has bigger optics, in this case it is perhaps the best because of the weight/transportation/size factor.

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Manufacturer: Astro-phisics
Focal length 819mm
Photographic speed: f6,3
Magnification range: 22-500x
Clear aperture: 130 mm
Weight with dewcap: 7,7 kg
Theoretical resolution: 0.87 arc seconds
Telescope length: 698 mm with dewcap fully extended
Diameter of dewcap: 155mm (6.1″) OD including paint thickness, retractable

130mm f/6.3 Starfire EDF ? 5.12″ aperture
with 2.7″ Focuser (130EDFGT)

More info and order at:

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