New Nikon 300mm f4 Ed vr


New Nikon 300mm f4 Ed vr

new Nikon 300mm f4
Nikon announced the new Nikon 300m f4 lens, with Fresnel Optics. The new lens is significantly smaller and lighter than the original Af-s version of the lens. This lens didn’t just appeared many people already talked about it long ago, and waited it to come. Compare to the earlier Af-D version this lens is much smaller and lighter. It is especially interesting for people who attach this lens on a Nikon 1 camera for significant reach.

Official name of the new Nikon 300mm f4 vr

The official name of the new lens is Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF-ED VR.

What is the Fresnel lens ?

Fresnel lens is different from normal lenses, because it is made from concentric annular sections. This way a lens is made of small sections with gaps between them. The more section it has, normally the better it is.
Sometimes curved surfaced can be changed to flat surfaces. So it can be like many prisms focusing in one point.

The new lens is Nikon’s first Phase Fresnel (PF) lens. Nikon used this optical construction in microscopes before.

High quality Fresnel lenses were commonly used in lighthouses in the 19th and 20th century.

Plastic Fresnel lenses were sold as a sreen in front of the TV screen for enlarging the image of the television.

Nikon also used a Fresnel lens in a compact camera teleconverter, the Nikon TC-E3PF for a Coolpix 8400 camera, the converter is no longer available.

New Nikon 300m f4 ed vr specifications

Nikon 300 mm f/4
Nikon F
Filter size:
77 mm
Lens elements / groups:
16 elements / 10 groups
Exotic Lens elements:
Fresnel element (PF) and ED element combined
755 g ( 26.63 oz. )
89 x 147 mm ( 3.5 x 5.81 ” )
Close focus distance:
1.4 m ( 4.6″)
USM ring-type ultrasonic
yes 4 stops
Manual focus autofocus switch
Lens Mount:
Full frame
0.24 x
Reproduction ratio:
1 : 4
Aperture blades:
9 rounded
Distance scale:
Manual focus override:
Focal length:
300 mm
Max Aperture:
Min Aperture:
Angle of view:
8°10′ on Full frame / 5°20′ on Dx
FTM (Manual focus override):
Focus limiter:
No info yet
Tripod mount ring:
Tilt / shift:

New Nikon 300m f4 ed vr price

The initial price of the new Nikon 300m f/4 ed vr is 1997 USD.

New Nikon 300m f4 ed vr specifications

The lens will be available in 5th of February 2015.

New Nikon 300m f4 ed vr pre order link

At below link it is possible to pre-order the lens at BH.
new Nikon 300mm f4 at BH

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