Close up photography tips

Close up photography tips

close up photography tips
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This article is not about the classical closeup photography which is often associated with macro as well. Let me explain. There are basically two types of photographs: a wide angle and a detail.

I will call the detail photograph as closeup. Naturally we wanted to see things like a 24mm lens on Full frame or 16mm, in wide perspective. Somehow it is more interesting to see the big picture. This is why photographs from high places with wide angles are much more popular than macro or other photographs about details.

But not as easy to get that places (for most of us), and perhaps we don’t want to make pictures all the time about views we see each day.

1. Try every angle or just imagine the picture from different angles, and try to use the most interesting angle.
2. Try different distances from the subject, especially with wide angle lenses the ‘look’ is different from different distances.
3. Light is your friend – concentrate on light subjects – more detail, lower iso, better images
4. Source of light on a photo – try to involve some form of light – sunset, campfire, candle, just to name a few. Combine this with a main subject
close up photography tips fire
5. Water – water in any form as I used to say.
close up photography tips water
6. Depth of field – put some blur in the photo, carefully select the focus point for the best purpose
close up photography tips 7
7. Interesting subjects – wildlife, people, boat, chair, tree, window, painting on the wall think about it.
8. Small aperture – experiment with apertures like f/8-f/22. This allows to most things to be sharp and in focus on the photo.
9. Concentrate on just one main subject, don’t make it too complicated.
10. The close subject allows us to have significantly sharper images, as more pixels fell on the subject. Use higher shutter speeds for a critically sharp photo. Experiment which shutter speed you need at different focal lengths and distances.

How to photograph a bird or animal ?

close up photography tips
First if you clearly see how the bird or animal pose don’t take photographs of unwanted pose, like the bird fly away, head is not visible, too far subject etc. If the bird or animal moves sometimes I use cont shooting, and delete every pics afterwards which I do not like. If it is a unique moment take more pics, you can delete afterwards if you don’t like. If you really close you can choose details of the bird or animal which you like, for example eyes, details of the skin or fur and many other things.

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