Best cameras 2014 – market roundup Dslr, Mirrorless, bridge


Best cameras 2014

Best Cameras 2014Best cameras 2014 Nikon d4x release dateBest cameras 2014 Pentax K3 specs

Best cameras 2014

I thought I give a roundup of the best cameras 2014. What can be expected, what are the best new and used cameras and what are the best deals. I include several links for camera comparisons as well between brands.

Best Dslr cameras 2014 – Canon

Flagship model:

Canon EOS-1D X, Canon EOS-1D C
The difference between this cameras that the Canon 1DC is more geared towards filmmakers with it’s available 4K video format and external mic socket, and also more expensive by app. 3000 dollar (6800 vs 10,000) than the little older Canon EOS-1D X. Otherwise the two cameras are quite similar in terms of sensor and features. Both cameras has a 18 Mega-pixel Full frame format sensor. This cameras has the really top quality in Canon land. Robust build, portrait grip, noiseless high iso performance, usable up to ISO 10,000 even more, endless functions, formats, top speed characterise this cameras. No dual pixel video focusing in these cameras, which the new Canon 70d has.
Canon 1Dx detailed specification
Canon 1Dc detailed specification

Full frame:

Canon 5d Mk III, Canon 6d
The Canon 5d III has a more advanced autofocus system, than the Canon 6d, with much more focus points and cross-type focus points(64/41) vs (11/1), but the Canon 6d is cheaper (1700 vs 3400 dollar), smaller and lighter camera. The Canon 6d is the most popular Canon FF Dslr camera nowadays. In some picture parameters the 6d is even better than the Canon 5d Mk III such as dynamic range and high ISO performance. The difference is not very big though.
Canon 6d detailed specification
Canon 5d Mk3 detailed specification

Enthusiast models:

Canon 70d
The Canon 70d is currently one of the best choice for still and video in one camera. The dual-pixel focusing system in Live view makes a difference in movie recording. The Canon 70d is a very well rounded camera, with a good grip, better image quality than the Canon 7d, lots of autofocus points, seemless operation. Unfortunately all-plastic compare to older models.
Canon 70d detailed specification

Entry level cameras:

Canon 100d, Canon 1200d, Canon 700d.
The Canon 100D is a smallest Dslr ever, with it’s 400 gramms even lighter than a bridge camera. Unlike other entry level Canon models it has a fixed screen though. The Canon 700d has a flipout touchsreen, and 9 all cross type focus points. Perhaps worth to wait the Canon 750d which can arrive soon.

Expected new cameras 2014:

Canon 750d, Canon 7d Mk II
This two cameras are long awaited. The real questions are the following: when this cameras come out and do they inherit the new 20 Mpixel sensor and dual pixel focusing from the Canon 70d. The Canon 7d Mk II predicted to be the most technology packed camera ever, while the Canon 750d is real question, when is it come out and what specs will have.

Best deals:

Canon 6d, Canon 7d, Canon 60d
Currently the Canon 6d, Canon 7d and Canon 60d has the best deals today, as the last two camera are close to the end of their life span meaning we can have them for a much better price. The Canon 7d is a more robust camera best for action/wildlife/sports photography with it’s advanced autofocus system with fixed screen, while the Canon 60d is essentially is just a little different with a flipout screen.
Canon 60d detailed specification
Canon 7d detailed specification

Canon lenses:

A new wide zoom lens is coming for Aps-C cameras at an affordable price, and a wide Canon 16-35mm f/4 is lens for FF cameras.

Interesting third party lenses:

Sigma 18-35 f/1.8, Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Tamron 16-300mm, Tamron 150-600mm

If you want to check Canon cameras in more detail please check the links below:
Updated – Canon Full Frame comparison table
Updated Canon Aps-C camera comparison table

Best Dslr cameras 2014 – Nikon

Flagship model:

Nikon d4s, Nikon d800E/d800

Full frame:

Nikon d4s, Nikon d800/d800E, Nikon d610, Nikon Df

The newest Nikon d4s is the best action/low light camera of Nikon, comes to the place of the discontinued Nikon d4. The Nikon d800E/d800 is a 36Mp camera with a resolution rival even middle format cameras. The Nikon d800E is a little sharper because of omitting the AA filter, which the Nikon d800 has. All this cameras are capable for recording HD videos in very high quality. The Nikon DF is a retro looking FullFrame Dslr without video function.

Enthusiast models:

Nikon d7100

Expected new cameras 2014:

Nikon d7200

Entry level cameras:

Nikon d5300, Nikon d3300

Best deals:

Nikon d7000, Nikon d5200, Nikon d7100

Nikon lenses:

A new 400mm f/2.8 fluorite lens is coming together with a Nikon 1.4x III converter.

Interesting third party lenses:

Sigma 18-35 f/1.8(only smaller format), Sigma 35mm f/1.4 A (art), Sigma 50mm f/1.4 A, Tamron 150-600mm, Tamron 16-300mm

If you want to check Nikon cameras in more detail please check the links below:
Updated – Nikon Full Frame comparison table
Updated – Nikon Aps-C comparison table

Best Dslr cameras 2014 – Pentax

Flagship models:

Pentax 645Z (middle format), Pentax K-3

Full frame:

Pentax don’t yet have Full frame models

Enthusiast models:

Pentax K-3, Pentax K-5 IIs

Entry level cameras:

Pentax K-500

Best deals:

Pentax K-30 not the best for video and a spare battery is useful, but a very good all round camera.

Pentax K-3 won the TIPA award

Pentax lenses:

lens is coming together with a Pentax 1.4x converter.

Interesting third party lenses:

Sigma 18-35 f/1.8, Sigma 35 f/1.4 A, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 A Tamron 16-300mm, Tamron 150-600mm

Canon Nikon or Pentax ? – Best cameras 2014

Which is the best among these cameras ? Usually when we buy Dslr cameras we choose a system. The lenses has more impact on picture quality than the cameras.

Full frame

If we only see cameras Nikon is the best in low light performance (by slight margin) and dynamic range especially (how many dark and bright scene the camera can capture on the same image) range as well.

Aps-C enthusiast

Here the competition is very stong: the Canon 70d, Nikon d7100 and the Pentax K-3 are all strong cameras. For photo quality the Nikon d7100 is the best, for video and stills the Canon 70d, and overall the Pentax K-3 is also very strong for stills, not so much for video.

Aps-C entry level

Here Nikon has even more advantage over Canon.


At entry level Nikon is better than Canon, but for better really good quality consistently Nikon is much more expensive than Canon. Here Canon is a winner, entry level cheaper lenses Nikon has better quality.

Best Dslr cameras 2015 – Newest cameras

Canon 7d Mk II, Canon 750d – at the time of writing not released yet, but will be the topic for the future for sure.
Panasonic GH4 is a very interesting camera with 4k video, the camera can be bought with an interface unit as well, as a complete broadcast solution.
Nikon d7200 is a also a very much waited camera, especially if it will be the predecessor the Nikon d300 or not. Burst mode will be long enough of little restricted.
Sony 7 and Sony 7s are FF mirrorless cameras, a very interesting small and light combination, perhaps a dream for many.
Sony a6000 and Sony a5000(formerly called Nex). The Sony a6000 is the predecessor of the Sony Nex 6, the Sony a5000 is coming in the place of the Sony Nex5. Sony claims that cameras has the fastest hybrid autofocus system in the world. Of course I wouldn’t put 1000 dollar for such statements.

Best Dslr cameras 2015 – camera curiosities

The Nikon Df is an interesting looking retro styles Full frame camera, with excellent low light abilities but without video function. Sony has two Full frame mirrorless cameras the Sony 7 And Sony 7R.
The Panasonic GH4 is also a very interesting new video camera with a 4K video ability.
In the middle format there are also some interesting cameras like the Pentax 645D II for example. Pentax currently doesn’t have a FF camera, but has a medium format 645D.

Best Dslr cameras 2015 – lens roundup

My favourite theme is the lenses. One can have the best Full frame or even medium format camera with a mediocre lens, and easily can be beaten by a very good lens and the cheapest slr camera.
In lens department Canon and Nikon has a good adventage. They have many really good, fast focusing, image stabilized lenses. Many of this lenses are truly exceptional and unrivalled by the other manufacturers. Apart from the really expensive “pro” lenses, there are good cheaper offerings as well. Even some of the cheapest lenses are not bad at all. Sony in the latest times works diligently to broaden their lens range, many lenses are available for Sony cameras as well. Pentax has also a very good range of lenses, but weak in the telephoto range where Canon and Nikon are the strongest. Micro Four third system (mirrorless cameras with a little smaller sensor and significantly smaller cameras, Panasonic and Olympus) has also a wider and wider range of lenses. Fujifilm currently makes his revolutionary new sensor but the lens range today is a little limited, only several lenses are available for the new X-mount cameras. Sigma and Tamron are also makes a wide range of lenses for almost any camera mounts. Some of their products are very competitive and better than the Canon and Nikon offerings in some aspects. The Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 and the new Tamron 150-600 lenses are very interesting. Leica also has a very strong lineup of lenses in a very high quality, unfortunately in a very high price.

Best Dslr cameras 2014 – what is our budget

An interesting question what we can get for our money. I would chose three aspects.
1. Sensor quality – interestingly Fuji, Olympus, Nikon, Sony are making very good new sensors, Pentax uses Sony sensor, while as I see Canon and Panasonic is a little behind in terms of innovation. This doesn’t mean they make bad cameras, but currently they uses the older sensors in their cameras. Canon makes better sensors in Full frame cameras, but not yet in the entry level segment.
2. Lens lineup – here Canon and Nikon wins hands down.
3. Autofocus and other camera functions

If we are on a tight budget I think we can get the best value if we buy Canon or Nikon entry level slr cameras. Some of this cameras are dirt cheap compare to other models, but compare to compact cameras miles apart from them. Pentax cameras also has a very good value. The Sony cameras currently uses translucent mirrors. I think this cameras not yet so polished. The Mirrorless Olympus and Panasonic cameras are also good, if we prefer the smaller, mirrorless construction. Fuji also makes his very good revolutionary new sensor but the current high price makes them not so good in terms of price/performance.

What I would buy today?

Today I think Nikon has the most interesting offerings on the market in entry level cameras. In mirrorless segment the Sony cameras has very good value, but this cameras little bit like compact cameras with very good Dslr like picture quality. In Full frame Canon and Nikon has very good offerings. The Canon 6d and the Nikon d610 is especially interesting because of their smaller size.

Best Canon Dslr cameras 2014

Best Canon entry level Dslr cameras 2014

The Canon 100D is a good deal today, with the significantly cheaper price. This is really a compact camera with its approximately 400g weight. The Canon 750d is perhaps the best entry-level cameras. The Canon 600d and Canon 650d is also very good. I would skip the Canon 700d. This cameras has flipout screens, which is very useful in multiple situations especially for movies.

Best Canon enthusiast/crop sensored Dslr cameras 2014

The Canon 7d and the Canon 70d is the best here. The older Canon 60d is also good especially for video recording because of the flipout screen, but lacks the dual pixel autofocusing which the Canon 70d has. Basically the cameras from Canon 550d to Canon 60d has the same 18 Mpixel sensor. The new Canon 70d has a little better 20.2 Megapixel sensor.

Best Canon Aps-C Dslr cameras 2014

Currently the Canon 70d is the best Dslr camera. This camera has currently the best video autofocus among Dslr cameras. The new Dual-pixel autofocusing system is makes a difference in video recording.

Best Canon Full frame Dslr cameras 2014

Perhaps the Canon 6d is the best deal today. This Full frame camera has an excellent low light ability and the smaller size and cheaper price is an added bonus. The only downside is just the few autofocus points(11) and only one cross type point compare to the rivals. The Flagship camera is the Canon 1 D X. The Canon 1 D C is a camera for movie makers with a 4K video capabilities.

Best Nikon Dslr cameras

The Nikon cameras are generally very good today. The new 24 Mpixel Aps-C sensor is superb with excellent low light capabilities. The older 16 Mpixel unit is essentially the same with a little smaller resolution.

Best Nikon entry level Dslr cameras

Depends on a budget you cannot go wrong any of them started from the Nikon d3100 until Nikon d5300, Nikon d3200,d3300 included. I wouldn’t buy the Nikon d5300 though, I would buy the Nikon d7000 instead. Not everybody like me someone prefers the higher megapixel count, and advanced Wifi and other features. For photograpy the Nikon d7000 is a much better camera.

Best Nikon enthusiast Dslr cameras

The Nikon d7100 is a very good enthusiast camera, but not the same quality as the former Nikon d300. There is a rumor about a new Nikon d9300 which perhaps comes in the place of the Nikon d300.

Best Nikon Full frame cameras

The Nikon D4S is the newest low light cameras with a 16 Mpixel sensor. For those interested in Mega-resolution the Nikon d800 is the best camera with a wide 14.4 EV dynamic range. The Nikon d610 is also a very good capable camera on a lower budget. Despite the lower price this is a very capable camera, with excellent low-light performance, and even feautures a built-in-flash which is rare in FF models. The former Nikon d600 has oil/dust problems on the sensor.

Best Sony mirrorless cameras

Sony bought Konica Minolta in 2006. In the near future or already Sony will be the third biggest camera brand/supplier.
The former Sony Nex cameras now they call a(alpha). The newest ones are the Sony a6000 and Sony a5000. This Nex cameras has very good value, if we prefer the smaller size over reflex construction with an optical viewfinder.
Sony recently released the Sony 7 and Sony 7R cameras, which is according to the rumor has caused the Sony lens design team to disappear completely. It is interesting nonetheless, many people wish to have a compact Full frame camera. Seems not easy to design proper lenses for this construction though.

Best Pentax Dslr cameras

Pentax cameras today uses Sony sensors, as Nikon did in the past. Pentax K5 IIs is the best Pentax camera today if we think about sensor department. The Pentax K5 IIs features a full glass viewfinder, a sensor without AA filter, ISO range of 100-51,200(expanded). Pentax cameras usually have a built in image stabilization system, which usually Canon and Nikon cameras lacks. Canon and Nikon puts the stabilizer in the lens, while Pentax makes image stabilized camera bodies. The sensor moves this way eliminate shake. This system allows stabilization with any lens attached, while the lens stabilizer only works with lenses with stabilizer functions. Stabilized lenses are usually much more expensive. Pentax also has a medium format camera with a 44*33mm sensor, the Pentax 645 DII.

Best Fujifilm mirrorless cameras

Fujifilm makes mirrorless cameras with Aps-C sized sensor. Currently the newest is the Fujifilm X-T1. This cameras has truly excellent low light performance thanks to the new algorithm of the sensor. The price is little high now, perhaps will be more affordable in the future. This cameras has a hybrid viewfinder and a retro oldish style look, like the Nikon DF.

Best Panasonic mirrorless cameras

Panasonic GH4 is the best current Panasonic camera regarding sensor performance, with a wide 13.3 EV dynamic range, but the low light performance is not up to slr cameras. For video recording the camera has exceptional abilities, can record 4K video as well. All Panasonic cameras has currently a 16 Mpixel sensor.

Best Olympus mirrorless cameras

Currently Olympus E-M1 is the best mirrorless camera, and arguable the best smaller mirrorless camera in the segment (Sony has some Full frame mirrorless cameras). The Olympus E-M1 has a very fast autofocus in good light, good high iso performance, a good viewfinder and small size compare to Slr models. The Olympus E-M10 is also a newer model together with the Olympus E-M5.
The newer sensor in the 5 number cameras are the newer much better unit than the older 12 Mpixel sensor which is also very good, but not up to the recent competition. Olympus announced to release a new 300mm f4 lens for sports and wildlife photography. This lens is like a 375mm lens on a DX or Aps-C cameras, together with the f4 aperture is an interesting option.

Best Leica cameras

Leica is a brand of super expensive cameras. Leica is like Rolls Royce in cars, very expensive and exclusive but not the best especially in electronics. Currently the Leica M Typ 240 camera is their best Full frame camera, but the sensor quality is still not on par with the best Sony and Nikon Full frame cameras. Leica also has medium format cameras. Leica is also released a new “Leica T” mirrorless system.

Best Sigma Dslr cameras

Sigma makes interesting Foveon sensored cameras, but this cameras are not so widely spread. Earlier Sigma was known to make cheap lenses usually with not the highest quality. Today Sigma makes some truly exceptional lenses like the new Sigm 35mm f/1.4 a (art) or the new Sigma 18-35 f/1.8, or the new 50mm f/1.4 Art lenses. The newest camera is the Aps-C sensored Sigma DP3 Merill.

Best Samsung mirrorless cameras

Samsung also makes better and better cameras. Currently the Nx30 is the best Samsung camera available.

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