Sep 152016
Clean up the Oceans !

Clean up the Oceans !
There are many news in this world and let’s face it most of them is not positive. Climate change, war, who stole what, etc. This news is very positive though.

The founder

A 22 years old Dutch young men called Boyan Slat wants to clean up the Oceans.
We know the problem there are huge quantity plastic in the Ocean. Boyan faced the situation when he was 16 years old on a family holiday. There were more plastic in the Ocean than fish.
Every year mankind put so much plastic in the Ocean which is like a football field full with plastic and 18 miles high (8 million tons). And this quantity can be duplicated in the future.

Half of this quantity is beleived to be found in US West Coast in a size of Texas state.

The idea

Perhaps at first the whole thing looks unrealistic or even funny but there is a plan as well not just a good intention. The idea is a long floating structure which collect the plastic with the power of the Oceans streams. This is little similar when they collect oil from the Ocean. For the above mentioned huge area a 100km structure is needed, and in 10 years the plastic can be removed or at least closed inside the structure.

The steps

Already many people involved in the ambitious project.
1. Investigation
2. Testing the structure at the North sea, the question how durable is the floating structure, is it strong enough to survive years in the Ocean while collecting garbage ?
3. New test near Japan
4. Clean the big waste in US West coast

Read more about the project here

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